Sage ACT! 2012 Discount – 3 Day Sale Starts May 16, 2012

Sage ACT! 3 Day Sales Promotion
Wednesday, May 16, 2012 – Friday, May 18, 2012

Buy Sage ACT! 2012 Pro or Sage ACT! 2012 Premium at www.actplatinum.comLast week we let you know about the May Promotional pricing and changes to Sage’s Upgrade Policy effective June 1st, you can read more here.

To encourage customers in taking advantage of upgrading or adding seats Sage is offering an additional discount for the next 3 days. During this time there will be extra savings on Sage ACT! 2012 Pro, Sage ACT! 2012 Premium and Sage ACT! 2012 Premium with SQL Standard 2008 New and Upgrade Licenses. Below lists the 3 Day Promo Pricing with the May 10% eStore Discount and can be found on our eStore.

New License: $189.00 Less $18.90 eStore Discount
Upgrade License: $140 Less $14.00 eStore Discount

New License: $384.00 Less $38.40 eStore Discount
Upgrade License: $251.00 Less $25.10 eStore Discount

New License: $461.00 Less $46.10 eStore Discount
Upgrade License: $307.00 Less $30.70 eStore Discount

If you are already using ACT! 2012 you can take advantage of the 3 day sale by purchasing additional licenses at the promotional price.

ACT! 2011 and ACT! 2010 users can take advantage of the 3 day sale by purchasing upgrade licenses at the promotional price and upgrade to the latest features.

If you are using ACT! 2009 or older…
Don’t Miss Out! Now is the time to take advantage of the additional May 16-18 savings and current upgrade policy pricing before it expires on May 31st.

Half Price Sage ACT! 2012 – Upgrade Policy Changing Soon

Warning:  Current users of ACT! 2009 and older will pay New License pricing to Upgrade after May 31, 2012.

Buy Sage ACT! 2012 Pro or Sage ACT! 2012 Premium at www.actplatinum.comFrom now until the end of the month, customers on ANY prior version of Sage ACT! are eligible to purchase Sage ACT! 2012 at upgrade pricing.

You need to know that effective June 1, 2012 Sage will be changing their Upgrade Policy for ACT!. Sage is adopting a new Upgrade Pricing qualification based upon their Support Obsolescence Policy – which is current version plus the two prior releases.

What this means is on June 1st you will qualify for upgrade pricing only if you are upgrading from current release (Sage ACT! 2012) or the prior two releases (Sage ACT! 2011 and Sage ACT! 2010) – and keep in mind that this will apply with each future release.

Don’t Miss Out! If you are using ACT! 2009 or older now is the time to take advantage of the current upgrade policy pricing.

You can save over half off* of the standard MSRP for New Pro and Premium 2012 products by purchasing your Upgrade by the end of this month – savings are outlined below.

*Half Off Savings Based on New License Standard MSRP, Current May Upgrade Price and May 10% eStore Discount:

New License Standard MSRP: $269.99
May Upgrade Price: $149.95
10% eStore Discount: -$14.99

New License Standard MSRP: $549.99
May Upgrade Price: $269.95
10% eStore Discount: -$27.00

If you are using ACT! 2010 and ACT! 2011 you can also take advantage of the May Upgrade Promo pricing.

ACT! 2012 users can purchase additional licenses at the May New License Promo Pricing found on our eStore.

Sage ACT! + E-marketing + Social Media > Boost Your Reach

Sage E-marketing for ACT! now has Social Media Sharing with the ability to post e-mail blast information to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. This feature enables you to reach out to your social networks with every e-mail send and your e-mail recipients to help spread your message to their social networks.

Once in place, when you send your campaign through the e-mail marketing service you will have the option to select the social media outlet(s) to post to. When you post to your social media account(s) you will see an entry containing the E-mail Subject Line and a link to the E-mail Message used for the campaign. Your Friends, Followers and Connections will be able to interact with the post by liking, commenting, retweeting, sharing and so on.

The Social Media Sharing feature also allows you to include links for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in the footer of your e-mail campaigns. With the click of a corresponding icon the e-mail recipient can post a link to your e-marketing message directly to their social network site.
Sage E-marketing for ACT! Gold Certified Consultants

Use social media sharing to increase the reach of your e-mail campaigns. You will need to have Sage E-marketing, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts before you can start using social media and email marketing together. If you need help setting up your ACT! program, Sage E-marketing service and social media accounts – contact us for our service plan information to get started.

E-marketing Solution For Sage ACT! Users

Many ACT! users don’t realize that Sage offers a solution for e-marketing. Not only is Sage E-marketing more cost effective by charging for e-mail sends per day rather than the total number of contacts in your list, but will save you time with integrated features for your ACT! database. The powerful features of Sage E-marketing are:

E-Mail – Send e-mail campaigns directly from your database to contacts, lookups, groups and companies – no managing a separate database with an outside company. You can easily design branded messages or import and edit existing templates using a simple online editor. When you send your e-mail blast with Sage E-marketing you can track who opened, clicked a link, bounced, suppressed (opted-out) and the results are downloaded directly to your database and is searchable and viewable on the Marketing Results tab for your contacts. You can also view online graphical and detailed reports about each send.

Drip Marketing - Take your e-marketing to the next level with Drip Marketing that gives you the ability to create multi-sequence campaigns of messages that are automatically delivered to your ACT! contacts. Drip Marketing uses intelligent technology to send messages to contacts based on their interactions with previous messages and/or based on field content in your ACT! database.

Surveys - Unlike other e-marketing services who charge an additional fee for the survey feature, Sage E-marketing offers Survey and Web Form capabilities with each service level. By using Surveys you can have your contacts sign up for your e-newsletter, register for an event, or provide their contact information and since the survey feature is integrated with your database, you can download your contact responses with the click of the mouse.

Click here for Sage E-mail Marketing and Drip Marketing for ACT Price Plans. You can also compare Sage E-marketing for ACT vs. Constant Contact vs. Vertical Response.

Sage E-Marketing 60 Day Trial:  Team Level (including the Send As, Scheduled Send and Call List features) for 1 or more users and Platinum Drip Marketing for 60 days. Note: The daily send limit is 50 for the account during the trial period.
Sage E-marketing for ACT! Gold Certified Consultants

SIGN-UP TODAY! Sign-up through us and we will setup your account and send you an E-Marketing for ACT! Reference Guide to help you get started.