CRM for Insurance – How CRM Improves Your Insurance Business

Insurance CRMInsurance CRM

Common office software products serve extremely important purposes but are not meant to be utilized as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.  Using Outlook or Excel spreadsheets to manage your Insurance business is not only an inefficient way of building those important contact relationships but you are also losing out on potential opportunities.  Using a spreadsheet (or even worse – a shared spreadsheet) makes it difficult to know what updates were made, when they were made and who made them leading to errors, loss of information and gaps in providing a comprehensive picture of your business’ contacts, policies and provided services. CRM is specifically designed to be a central hub of critical business information capturing every interaction between you and your team with your contacts and opportunities.  By implementing an Insurance CRM system agents, brokers, adjusters, and staff can easily share information to track and manage business contacts and focus on customer plans and policies – improving relationships and the bottom line.

So how can you improve your relationships using an Insurance CRM?  Details are important and with a CRM designed for Insurance Professionals you can capture anything that is essential to your business. Details that are relevant to your business such as contacts, carriers, policy dates and details, activities, emails, notes, opportunities, documents and so much more.  Clients want to feel important and just think of the experience your contact will receive when they call into your office and you or your team member are able to quickly access their information that has their latest interaction whether it be an email received or details about an upcoming renewal. Investing in a CRM empowers you to keep everyone up to date, so that you can focus your efforts on doing what you do best.

In the competitive Insurance industry don’t let stuff fall through the cracks – a solid CRM system helps you stay on top of your calendar and improve your follow-up.  Track and prioritize meetings and activities associated with your contacts to stay productive. Benefit from alerts that keep you up to speed and on top of your commitments.

Be more organized by having your CRM link your contacts with their various policy coverage types– such as health, P&C, commercial, or other coverages such as life, disability, annuity or long term care. Manage and track accounts to stay on top of membership participation, policy renewal dates and premiums, policy commissions, and upcoming or past due policies for easier control – all within the organized information contained in your CRM database.

With the ability to match/track carriers, brokers, members and more this means creating more opportunities to deliver valuable services and impactful communications.  More opportunities lead to improving your pipeline. Your Insurance Professionals CRM will help you manage every stage of your relationship process from the first interaction to sending quotes to validating policy details, completing activities in each stage to keep transactions moving. Forecast, analyze performance and track your progress within the CRM to improve your bottom line.

Initiating a new policy type or need to alert your policy holders or members to a new law? Then you will want to notify your clients, prospects and/or business partners and the easiest way is to send an email campaign announcing the news.  Your Insurance Professionals CRM system needs to have an integrated emarketing service so you can look up the appropriate contacts and send out the email notification – without having to export and import lists between another marketing system.

Improve your business with a Insurance CRM system that works for you – Act! CRM is a perfect fit for your Insurance business because it’s flexible. Unlike other CRM solutions, you have the freedom to tailor Act! to your specific needs whether it be in the cloud, on your local computer or both.  Act! CRM is an award winning solution that helps businesses build lasting relationships, fuel business growth, and make informed decisions. Built on top of Act! our Insurance Professionals database has been designed for the insurance industry. By selecting Act! with our Insurance Professional database you will have a CRM system that can be implemented quickly AND you will the ability to customize the database further for your unique business needs. For more information on Act! for Insurance Professionals can be found at: