Act 2013 Premium and Act 2013 Pro is Retiring September 30th 2015

Upgrade Pricing for Act 2013 Premium (v15.x) and Act 2013 Pro (v15.x) Users Ends September 30th 2015

Upgrade Your Act 2013 Premium or Act 2013 ProAct 2013 is reaching obsolescence which means it will stop being sold by Act! at the end of September and Act! Technical Support will no longer be available at the end of November. Now is the time to upgrade your Act 2013 Premium and Act 2013 Pro to the latest version at significant savings. You will get the latest v17 version with cool new features and compatibility with the current technology Windows 10 and Office 2013. Don’t miss out – as an Act 2013 owner you are eligible for upgrade pricing on the latest version of Act! until the end of September.

Our Favorite Enhancements since 2013 and Key Reasons to Upgrade:

  • Basic Act! Emarketing Account Now Included – integrated emarketing right from your Act! database
  • History List – easy reporting on your histories
  • Calculates Fields – calculations based on age, date, percentage, dollar value, currency, and other data
  • Document Links – link to files on the web such as Dropbox and Sharepoint
  • Refreshed Look – no more Sage green
  • Usability and System Improvements – for speed and productivity
  • Whether you are using Act 2013 Premium or Act 2013 Pro your upgrade options are:

    Act v17 Premium Perpetual Upgrade at $380 per License: this option maintains your license ownership and includes the 1st year of software updates (v18) and Act! Technical Support. There are additional discounts available on multi-user (5, 20, 50 & 100) level purchase.

    Act v17 Premium Subscription Upgrade (Loyalty) at $190 per License per Year: this option does not include license ownership and is an annual subscription for use and includes software updates (v18) and Act! Technical Support for the term. There are additional discounts available on multi-user (5, 20, 50 & 100) level subscription purchase.

    Act v17 Premium Cloud Service at $350 per User per Year: a hosted cloud solution where Act! handles hosting your database for you including updates and tech support. There are additional discounts available on multi-user (5, 20, 50 & 100) level service purchase.

    Act v17 Pro Upgrade at $149.99 per License: this option is for individuals and teams of up to 10 users that do not need the additional security or scalability features of the Premium product. This product does not include software updates or tech support, a 30 Day Act! Technical Support Plan is available.

    To save you even more on your Act! upgrade we have a coupon for an additional discount on our eStore (coupon cannot be applied to the Premium Cloud Service). Contact Us if you need a quote and be sure to place your order before the September 30th deadline.

    ACT 2013 Multi User Free Add-on Promotion

    ACT 2013 Multi User (5 or More Licenses) will include a Free Company Maker and a Free Field Calculator Add-on

    From now until the end of August when you purchase ACT 2013 Multi User (5 or More) Licenses Pro, Premium and Premium with SQL08 you will receive a Free Company Maker for ACT 2013 and a Free Field Calculator Add-ons with your order.

    Visit our eStore for great pricing on ACT 2013 Multi User products and a 10% discount on your entire ACT CRM order!

    ACT 2013 Multi User Pro Discount Promotion ACT 2013 Multi User Premium Discount Promotion

    About Company Maker for ACT CRM

    Since ACT! 2005 when company records were introduced, you can organize your contacts by the company the work for. When you create a company record, you can select contacts that you want linked to that company. Also if you add a contact, you can tell ACT! to create a company from that contact record. This is a great feature but can be time consuming if you have a lot of companies to create or contacts to link.

    This is where Company Maker is a great tool. When you need to create multiple company records and link the associated contact records, Company Maker can complete the task in a couple of clicks. Also very handy when you are doing data imports, Excel imports, Outlook imports, etc..


  • Run the utility for all contacts or a lookup of contact records
  • Link a contacts to existing company records
  • Create a company records they don’t exist and then link the contacts
  • About Field Calculator for ACT CRM

    Produced by The New Hampton Group, this utility is a full-feature “calculator” that uses numeric constants and the contents of fields from ACT! records to perform simple or complex calculations, and save the results into an ACT! field.

    Field Calculator can reference fields on the current Contact record, the current Company record, the Group current record, and the current Opportunity record. Any combination of fields can be used, along with static numbers to perform mathematical functions:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Exponentiation, Trig Functions and more
  • Use the intuitive wizard interface to define any number of triggers to activate Field Calculator. Put a trigger on a field activity (enter, change, leave), toolbar icon, menu item or other ACT! events. Triggers can operate on the current record (contact, company, group, opportunity), or current lookup (of contacts, companies, groups, opportunities).

    ACT CRM Purchased by Swiftpage – a 90 Day Review

    Back in mid-February we received the exciting announcement of ‘ACT CRM Purchased by Swiftpage!’, Sage had entered into and agreement to sell ACT! and SalesLogix to Swiftpage. As the news spread, customers have asked for our thoughts on the ownership change, if this will affect them and the future of ACT!. Over the last few months we have seen many changes and the positive impact Swiftpage has had.

    We are avid Swiftpage fans, having used their email marketing services for several years prior to Sage implementing the e-marketing platform into the ACT CRM products. We’ve known Swiftpage’s Founder Bob Ogdon for nearly a decade, building a successful company that offers innovative and quality products and always have been huge supporters of ACT!. So with the acquisition completed on March 20th and Swiftpage as the new owners of ACT! – the product could not be in better hands.

    April and May have been a transition period with Swiftpage taking on an in-depth analysis of the ACT! operations, determining what is working well and what areas need improvement. We participated in several meetings with Swiftpage Executives, they understand that we are the eyes and ears for our customers and welcomed our input and ideas. They brings a corporate culture of excitement and energy to ACT!, a stark contrast to the large bureaucracy at Sage.

    ACT CRM and Swiftpage EMarketing Logos

    Starting in June we have seen the de-’Sage’ing of the ACT! brand. New Logos and rebranding efforts are coming along and we love this from Swiftpage’s websiteThree brands, one vision. It’s all coming together. Advanced marketing integrated with CRM solutions. A new level of innovation and energy. People who embody the very spirit of what an exclamation point is all about.” Powerful messaging and it shows they get the ACT! brand. We too have started the rebranding of our website at, we are committed to the ACT! and Swiftpage products and to provide our customers the very best in ACT! and Swiftpage Certified Consulting and Training Services.

    Focused on Customers and welcoming those who left to come back – There is a June promotion for current and past customers of ACT! to upgrade to ACT! 2013 at the discounted upgrade price, no matter how old the version you currently use or owned in the past. You can read more about the ACT CRM Upgrade Offer here. ACT! Customers can also try Swiftpage Email Marketing free for 60 days, click here to sign-up and integrate your marketing with ACT! and Swiftpage. Together ACT! & Swiftpage provide solutions for you to convert prospects, retain customers and grow your business.

    ACT! CRM definitely has a Bright Future – Anticipated in September, the ACT! 2014 version will be released (ACT 2014 Roadshow details can be found here). Going forward, the annual release cycle will be discontinued, making way for implementing inline updates. Those with current Maintenance and Support plans will continue to receive the updates. Increased distribution channels and a SAAS model for ACT! are also on the horizon. As an ACT! and Swiftpage Business Partner – it’s great to be an ‘ACT! Fanatic’ and now a ‘Swiftie’!