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Act Subscription CRM SuiteAct! is now offering a new subscription model as way of subscribing to Act! CRM for your business. While you can still purchase licenses (now called perpetual license ownership), now you have an option of Act Subscription for the Premium product as an alternate way to gain access to the Act! Premium software at a lower startup cost. Below lists the Act! Solutions to help you find the perfect one for your business and each solution includes Act! Emarketing Basic Account.

Act! Premium Perpetual is license ownership and now includes the 1st year of software updates and Act! Technical Support. Previously you had to participate in Act!’s Business Care Plans as a separate option with your license purchase – now these services are bundled together in the price of the license. Premium Perpetual licenses start at $600 per user with discounts on multi-user (5, 20, 50 & 100) level purchase. After the first year you will have the option to continue your maintenance and support for another year, Act Subscription at $300 per user with discounts on multi-user (5, 20, 50 & 100) level renewal. This Act! subscription renewal is similar to what was formerly known as Silver and Gold Business Care Annual Plans. If you opt to not renew your maintenance and support services you will still have access to your program with a perpetual license for the latest version released prior to your term expiration.

Act! Premium Subscription does not include license ownership but includes access to the software program with software updates and Act! Technical Support for the term of your subscription. Per User cost for the Act Subscription is $300 per year and will have multi-user (5, 20, 50 & 100) level discounts. Canceling your Act Subscription will discontinue your access to the program at the end of your subscription term.

Premium Cloud (formerly known as Act! Hosted) Act! handles the hosting for you at a newly reduced per user cost of $35 per month or $350 per year with multi-user (5, 20, 50 & 100) level discounts. With Act! Premium Cloud, you still own your data and have access to a copy of your database at any time. Plus, your Premium Cloud subscription gives you a direct line to Act! Technical Support. Best part? No setup, installs, or upgrades – they automatically take care of it.

Act! Pro is for individuals and teams of up to 10 users that do not need the additional security or scalability features of the Premium product. Act! Pro does not include software updates or Act! Technical Support, Pro customers have the ability of purchasing software upgrades with any new release and there is a 30 Day Act! Tech Support Package available for $40 per license on your account- must be on a supported version to purchase.

Act! Vertical Solutions are industry specific Act! Databases that work with the latest release of the Act! Premium Perpetual, Premium Subscription, Premium Cloud and Act! Pro solutions. Currently there are Act! Vertical Solutions for Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Mortgage, Financial Professional and Insurance Professional with more being added.

Cloud Essentials is a simple, cost-effective way to help you get organized, stay connected, and look professional. At a monthly $10 per user cost it’s easy to get started, with no technical hoops to jump through, and no long-term commitment required. Bring your business into focus Cloud Essentials helps you easily consolidate and manage contacts, activities, notes, and history, and connect with prospects and customers in one organized place, accessible from anywhere.

ACT v17 Pro vs ACT v17 Premium – 7 Things to Know Before You Buy ACT CRM

ACT! CRM has 2 on premise products, ACT v17 Pro and ACT v17 Premium, and we are always asked by potential customers which product is right for their business.

ACT! publishes the below image to outline the product differences, but we want to provide more information to compare and contrast the products and features.
Buy ACT v17 Pro or ACT v17 Premium at

So to assist in selecting the right product for your business below are 7 things to know before you buy:

1. The number of active users is a determining factor, the Pro product has a limitation of 10 active users in a database. This means if you have more than 10 users you will need the Premium product. If you purchase the Pro product and need to add the 11th user or more you will need to purchase Premium upgrade licenses for the existing Pro licenses – provided your are within ACT!’s Upgrade Policy. Therefore, if your business is growing it would make sense to purchase the Premium product over the Pro at the on-set.

2. The Pro product has Windows only licensing, Premium has dual licensing for both Windows & Web (including Web Mobile) access. ACT! Premium allows you to do your own web hosting (without the monthly fees of other competing products) where you can deploy the web product with database access through your intranet or internet. With ACT! Premium Mobile you can travel light and stay connected by accessing your ACT! Premium contact, calendar and opportunity details from your iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device.

3. The Premium product has Field Level Security that allows you to limit the access to certain Contact, Opportunity, Group and Company fields by users and teams. You can grant full access to those that need to update the field information, read only to those that need to see the information but cannot change the data, or no access to a field which means they cannot see the field within the database or reports. This is a valuable feature if your business works with social security numbers, credit card information or other sensitive data.

4. The Premium product has Record Level Security that allows you to limit the access to Contact, Opportunity, Group and Company records by users and teams. This is a powerful feature if you want your salespeople to see only their records, sales managers being able to see the records for their direct reports, by territories or if you want to divide the records by different departments or job responsibilities.

5. Both the Pro and Premium products have the database synchronization feature in which you can create remote databases that synchronize to your master database for disconnected/offline data access. The Pro Product only allows Application Synchronization which means that when a remote synchronizes to the master the ACT! program needs to be open and logged into master database – this is not ideal if the master database is hosted on a server or an unattended machine. The Premium product comes with Synchronization Services (network and internet) which allow the synchronization to occur without the ACT! program being open, the service runs on a host machine/server and listens for the synchronization connection.

6. The Dashboard is available in both products but the Pro version has a limitation of being only able to view the current user activity and opportunity information, filtering for a different user or multiple users is not an option. With the Premium product you can create Dashboard with multi-user, team, territory, region, and/or department views.

7. With the Premium product network users have an additional feature of being able to include other users and resources in their activity scheduling and checking on their availability. This is a helpful feature if your business has meetings or calls with your customers or prospects that involves more than one of your users of ACT!.

You can purchase the latest ACT! CRM v17 Software products with current discounts and promotions from our ACT CRM eStore at and if you have any additional questions please send us a Contact Us form.

Affordable CRM For Your Business, How to Save Money When Buying ACT! CRM

ACT! is an affordable CRM and every Business needs a CRM Solution. ACT! is the #1 selling Contact Manager and the best place to buy it is at, the #1 ACT! Diamond Exclusive Partner in the United States. In the below slideshare presentation, Page Swift shows you how to save money on your ACT! Software purchase, making the software even more affordable.

To get started type in your browser and from the home page, click the buy now tab. This takes you to the online store. In the middle of the screen is where you will find all the ACT Sales, ACT Promotions and ACT Coupons. On the left side of the screen, you can find the current products on sale by clicking the Special Deals button. Or you can also use the Menu Bar to go to a specific product or version.

Savings Tip: If you are new to ACT or adding to your existing system, you would purchase new licenses. But if you have purchased ACT in the last 2 years an want the latest version, you may qualify for upgrade pricing, a big savings.

Savings Tip: Volume Discounts — the more you buy the bigger the savings with ACT Price Levels. You can see from the chart on the category and product pages, purchase 5 licenses and you qualify for the Level A discount, purchase 10 and qualify for Level B, and so on.

Savings Tip: Save 25% on Business Care when you bundle it with your licenses. You can add Bronze, Silver or Gold Software Maintenance and Support plans for the Pro and Premium versions of ACT.

After making your selections, click on the Basket Contents link and review the products you have selected. There you can update your product quantities or remove any item. You are now ready to click the checkout button. Fill out your contact information and if you billing information is different, complete the bill to section. When finished, click on the Continue button.

Another Savings Tip: Any available coupon will automatically be listed for you at the top of the screen. To take advantage of the additional savings, enter the Coupon code in the Coupon area and be sure to click on the Redeem button. Your coupon savings will be applied.

Now select the Download shipping option and your credit card type and click on the Continue button. Enter your credit card information and click the Continue button. Your order number will be displayed and you will emailed an order confirmation.

Now go back to the home page and see how we can help you with your new ACT Software with our ACT Installation, ACT Database Customization and ACT CRM Training Services.