What can linking Act CRM and Accounting Software do for my business?

Linking Act CRM and Accounting Software Increases Productivity

Act! CRM software helps your business document and leverage information about your Leads, Prospects and Customers. By keeping this data in a standard format and in a central location, making it easy to share Contact information throughout your organization.

By using Act! CRM, Management, Administrative staff, Sales Representatives, the Service team, Accounting, and other departments would have access to this valuable Customer information. All team members can work together to improve customer service, relationships, and satisfaction with having this shared knowledge at their fingertips to increase sales, improve customer retention and ultimately offering a premium customer experience.

Where CRM software primarily focuses on increasing profits by increasing sales, accounting software functionality is about improving efficiencies and minimizing costs. It also allows for the sharing of standardized information throughout Accounting and Warehouse departments, efficiently capturing transactions, and the streamlining of your business processes.

Traditionally, the selection of Contact Management and Accounting systems have been driven by two different areas of the business – Sales and Marketing driving the Contact Management software decision, and Finance and Operations driving the Accounting software decision. This disparate approach typically leads to the creation of islands of common information.

CRM Software and Accounting Software LinksBut now, there are widely available tools to bring these systems together. Integrating Accounting and Act! CRM removes those data silos from the organizational teams and optimize operations across your business. It gives a complete view of the Customer, estimated incoming sales, and financial history. When a Prospect turns in to a Customer, a click of a button creates the Customer from the CRM software to a Customer in the Accounting software, eliminating double-data entry.

Integrating your Act! and Accounting provides to your Sales team the valuable financial information they need without actually opening the Accounting program. It improves efficiency, and the customer service experience. When your Customer calls to inquire on the status of an order, the Sales or Admin team would not need to log into a separate system to research, or delay the client experience by having to contact someone else in a different department. Your Act! Users would see order status, past invoices, payment history, credit limits, credit holds and so much more.

We have seen the benefits for many of our customers in linking Act CRM and Accounting software and work with several popular accounting products including QuickBooks, Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree Accounting and Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200). Clicking the product links above will take you to more information on linking Act CRM with the specific Accounting software, if your business uses a different Accounting system – please send an email to renee@actplatinum.com, our Act! and Accounting expert.