Sage ACT! Pro vs. Sage ACT! Premium – 7 Things to Know Before You Buy

Sage ACT! has 2 products, Pro and Premium, and we are always asked by potential customers which product is right for their business.

Sage publishes the below image to outline the product differences, but we want to provide more information to compare and contrast the products and features.
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So to assist in selecting the right product for your business below are 7 things to know before you buy:

1. The number of active users is a determining factor, the Pro product has a limitation of 10 active users in a database. This means if you have more than 10 users you will need the Premium product. If you purchase the Pro product and need to add the 11th user or more you will need to purchase Premium upgrade licenses for the existing Pro licenses – provided your are within Sage’s Upgrade Policy. Therefore, if your business is growing it would make sense to purchase the Premium product over the Pro at the on-set.

2. The Pro product has Windows only licensing, Premium has dual licensing for both Windows & Web (including Web Mobile) access. Sage ACT! Premium allows you to do your own web hosting (without the monthly fees of other competing products) where you can deploy the web product with database access through your intranet or internet. With Sage ACT! Premium Mobile you can travel light and stay connected by accessing your Sage ACT! Premium contact, calendar and opportunity (with the release of Sage ACT! Premium 2013) details from your iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device.

3. The Premium product has Field Level Security that allows you to limit the access to certain Contact, Opportunity, Group and Company fields by users and teams. You can grant full access to those that need to update the field information, read only to those that need to see the information but cannot change the data, or no access to a field which means they cannot see the field within the database or reports. This is a valuable feature if your business works with social security numbers, credit card information or other sensitive data.

4. The Premium product has Record Level Security that allows you to limit the access to Contact, Opportunity, Group and Company records by users and teams. This is a powerful feature if you want your salespeople to see only their records, sales managers being able to see the records for their direct reports, by territories or if you want to divide the records by different departments or job responsibilities.

5. Both the Pro and Premium products have the database synchronization feature in which you can create remote databases that synchronize to your master database for disconnected/offline data access. The Pro Product only allows Application Synchronization which means that when a remote synchronizes to the master the ACT! program needs to be open and logged into master database – this is not ideal if the master database is hosted on a server or an unattended machine. The Premium product comes with Synchronization Services (network and internet) which allow the synchronization to occur without the ACT! program being open, the service runs on a host machine/server and listens for the synchronization connection.

6. The Dashboard is available in both products but the Pro version has a limitation of being only able to view the current user activity and opportunity information, filtering for a different user or multiple users is not an option. With the Premium product you can create Dashboard with multi-user, team, territory, region, and/or department views.

7. With the Premium product network users have an additional feature of being able to include other users and resources in their activity scheduling and checking on their availability. This is a helpful feature if your business has meetings or calls with your customers or prospects that involves more than one of your users of ACT!.

Bonus Item: Sage ACT! Premium vs. Sage ACT! Premium with SQL 2008
There are no feature differences between the Premium product and the Premium with SQL 2008. The only difference is that the the Premium will install SQL 2008 Express as the database engine and the Premium with SQL 2008 will install SQL 2008 Standard as the database engine. There are no forced metrics as to when to select the Premium with SQL 2008 but a general guideline is Premium with SQL 2008 is preferable when you have 20 or more concurrent network users or more than 100,000 Contact Records.

You can purchase the latest Sage ACT! CRM Software products with current discounts and promotions from our Sage ACT! eStore at and if you have any additional questions please send us a Contact Us form.

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ACT! 2011 and ACT! 2010 users can take advantage of the 3 day sale by purchasing upgrade licenses at the promotional price and upgrade to the latest features.

Due to the new Sage ACT! Upgrade Policy, if you are using ACT! 2009 or older you will need to purchase new licensing for the 2012 products.

E-marketing Solution For Sage ACT! Users

Many ACT! users don’t realize that Sage offers a solution for e-marketing. Not only is Sage E-marketing more cost effective by charging for e-mail sends per day rather than the total number of contacts in your list, but will save you time with integrated features for your ACT! database. The powerful features of Sage E-marketing are:

E-Mail – Send e-mail campaigns directly from your database to contacts, lookups, groups and companies – no managing a separate database with an outside company. You can easily design branded messages or import and edit existing templates using a simple online editor. When you send your e-mail blast with Sage E-marketing you can track who opened, clicked a link, bounced, suppressed (opted-out) and the results are downloaded directly to your database and is searchable and viewable on the Marketing Results tab for your contacts. You can also view online graphical and detailed reports about each send.

Drip Marketing - Take your e-marketing to the next level with Drip Marketing that gives you the ability to create multi-sequence campaigns of messages that are automatically delivered to your ACT! contacts. Drip Marketing uses intelligent technology to send messages to contacts based on their interactions with previous messages and/or based on field content in your ACT! database.

Surveys - Unlike other e-marketing services who charge an additional fee for the survey feature, Sage E-marketing offers Survey and Web Form capabilities with each service level. By using Surveys you can have your contacts sign up for your e-newsletter, register for an event, or provide their contact information and since the survey feature is integrated with your database, you can download your contact responses with the click of the mouse.

Click here for Sage E-mail Marketing and Drip Marketing for ACT Price Plans. You can also compare Sage E-marketing for ACT vs. Constant Contact vs. Vertical Response.

Sage E-Marketing 60 Day Trial:  Team Level (including the Send As, Scheduled Send and Call List features) for 1 or more users and Platinum Drip Marketing for 60 days. Note: The daily send limit is 50 for the account during the trial period.
Sage E-marketing for ACT! Gold Certified Consultants

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