How To Start Your Act Premium Cloud CRM Service


CLICK THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON to Start Your Act Premium Cloud Service

CLICK THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON to Start Your Act Premium Cloud Service

With Act! Premium Cloud you get on-demand access to the #1 best-selling Contact and Customer Manager in a secure Cloud environment, plus additional included benefits like video training, expert support, automatic upgrades, and nightly backups for a worry-free experience.

Below are the step by step instructions to start your service:

STEP 1: Click the Subscribe Button above or click here, a new web page will open and you will be taken to the Act Premium Cloud website.

Act Premium Cloud Monthly or Annual Pricing

STEP 2: Determine if you want to subscribe monthly or annually, an annual subscription will save you 2 months of service fees per year (buy 10 months get 2 months free). From the Act Premium Cloud option select either billed monthly (Monthly Subscription) or billed annually (Annual Subscription) from the drop down and then click the Buy Button.

Act Premium Cloud Number of Users

STEP 3: Enter the number of active users for your database by clicking the + sign. As you increase or decrease the user count you will see the Subtotal update. There are price breaks for having 5, 20, 50 and 100+ users. After selecting the number of users for your database click the Continue Button.

Act Premium Cloud Account RegistrationSTEP 4: From the Register web page you will create your Act Premium Cloud account by entering your First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Email Address, Phone Number and create a Password.

Password must be 8 characters long and contain two of the following: 1 upper, 1 lower, 1 digit or 1 symbol character.

Once you have filled out the form click the Register Button.

Act Premium Cloud Account Payment Information

STEP 5: Enter your payment information and click the Buy Now Button.

SUCCESS! You will receive an order number and check your email inbox for confirmations.

One of the emails you will receive is your Act Premium Cloud Welcome notification. This email contains a link for you to set up your database. If you have an Act! database already or purchased one of our Vertical Databases for Act!* you will select the Upload an Act! Database option. If you are new to Act! you can select to create a new blank database or provide a .xls, .xsls or .csv file and upload a spreadsheet.

Once your database has been configured you will receive a Act! Ready email, click the login button and save the link to your browser’s favorites menu or toolbar for easy access. Now login with your database credentials. Get up to speed with the Act Premium Cloud feature videos and if you want to get more from your Act! Contact Us.

Start Your Act Premium Cloud Service Today!

*You can also forward your welcome email to us and we will upload your Vertical Database for Act! for you.