What is the difference between Act! Hosted and Self-Hosted products?

Act! Hosted or Self-Hosted, the terminology can be confusing but all it really means is who will be housing your central database.  Are you going to have Act! host your data on one of their servers or are you going to host your own data on your server or computer?

Act! Hosted products include Act! Growth Suite Cloud and Act! CRM Cloud.  Act! has the required infrastructure to host your central database and provides the secure online access to your data via web or mobile.  You can also have an offline Windows client that will synchronize with the cloud database.  Also, they provide access to the Web API platform that allows users to connect Act! to other business productivity tools.  Act! will perform the backups, maintenance and upgrades so you don’t have to.

Self-Hosted products include Act! Growth Suite CRM and Act! CRM subscriptions.  You will need to host your own central database on a server or computer that meet the current system requirements.  If you want to have Web and Mobile access you will need to have the infrastructure necessary to run web services, a public access point (domain or IP address) and an SSL certificate – see the Web Administrator’s Guide for more information.  You will also need to install and host your own Act! Web API for access to additional Act! CRM features. Let’s not forget the important stuff like you will need to perform your own backups, maintenance and upgrades.

Act! Pro is a self-hosted only product. You must host your own data and it is installed on a local server or computer. With Act! Pro there are no subscription only features (Act! Technical Support, Act! Software Upgrades, WebAPI integration tools) and is a Windows only software that does not have Web or Mobile deployment options. See our article on the Act! CRM vs. Act! Pro features.

Whether Act! Hosted or Self-Hosted – the Act! Growth Suite and Act! CRM Subscription costs are the same. The questions to consider are:  Do you have the infrastructure to Self-Host? Do you have the IT personnel in place to support your Self-hosting? What would the additional costs be to put these into place?

Save time and money with Act! Hosted products.  You get instant online access to Act! in a modern, secure Cloud environment – no IT needed, no hardware required, just an affordable subscription.

You can purchase the latest Act! Hosted and Self-Hosted products with current discounts and promotions from our Act! CRM eStore at www.actplatinum.com and if you have any additional questions please send us a Contact Us form.