ACT! LINK for SAGE 100 ACCOUNTING (DataPlus) - Act! CRM Authorized Partner
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Link Your Company’s Act! CRM Software to Sage 100 Accounting Software

Act! users access critical and statistical information from Sage 100 in Act fields for Customers, Vendors and Employees. Act! users can push data from Act! to Sage 100.

Act! Accounting Link for Sage 100

Having separate Act! and Sage 100 databases can be a major source of inefficiency and redundant work. An Act! link to Sage 100 is what you need and that is where the DataPlus Link for Act! fits in! Contact our Act! to Sage 100 link expert Renee at to discuss the link for your business or to get a quote!

ACT! 2017 (v19) and above
DataPlus Link works with Sage 100 – 2013 (Version and above


Sage 100 to Act! LINK FEATURES (requires Server Component)

Using DataPlus, Act! users access critical and statistical information from Sage 100 in Act fields for Customers, Vendors and Employees!

-> Company and Contact Level
-> Customer and Vendor Contact linked to Company
-> New Customers, Vendors, Salespersons, Employees in Sage 100, that are not in Act! are imported to Act! throughout the day
-> Statistical data imported daily
-> Sage custom fields imported daily
-> Quotes are imported to Act Opportunity
-> Data available to network, web, mobile and remote users


Act! to Sage 100 LINK FEATURES (requires Client Component)

Using DataPlus within Act you can perform tasks for Sage 100

-> Create Customer, Vendor and Salesperson
-> Edit Customer, Vendor and Salesperson
-> Create transactions: Standard Order, Back Order, Master Order, Repeating Order, Quote


DataPlus Drill Down FEATURES (requires Client Component)

Using DataPlus, Act! users can data-mine a wealth of information from Sage 100

-> Drill down “live” data is available for all years from Sage 100
-> Security access controls for Sage 100 data in Act!
-> Sage 100 drill down data remains in your network (don’t let your critical accounting data leave the office)