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The Act! Link for Sage 50 (Peachtree) Accounting S50SalesData avoids the redundant work of having a separate Act and Sage 50 databases by linking the two together.
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Act! Link for Sage 50 Accounting (PEACHTREE)



Act! Link for Sage 50 (Peachtree) – S50SalesData

With the Act! Link for Sage 50 (S50SalesData) eliminate double-entry and make your Act! and Sage 50 users more productive.

Act! Link for Sage 50 Accounting - S50Sales Data

Having separate Act! and Sage 50 (Peachtree) databases can be a major source of inefficiency and redundant work. The Act! Link to Sage 50 (Peachtree) is what you need and that is where the S50SalesData Link for Act! fits in!


Pricing for the Act! Link for Sage 50 can be found on our Online Store.


– PRO or CRM: ACT! V20, ACT! V21 ACT! V22
S50SalesData works with the following US VERSIONS of Sage 50 – Sage 50 version 2018 Complete, Premium and Quantum, Sage 50 version 2019 Complete, Premium and Quantum


Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems
Works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10 operating systems
Requires US Versions of Act! and Sage 50, does not work with Sage 50 Canada or UK versions

Note – Not designed to work with Web Clients of Act! and Sage 50


-> Link Act! Records to Sage 50 Customers
-> Create Sage 50 Customers from Records in Act!
-> Push Address Changes between Act! and Sage 50
-> Create Sage 50 transactions (invoice, sales order, estimate, etc) from Act!
-> View Sage 50 transactions from a tab in Act!
-> View Sage 50 Items purchased from within Act!
-> View the last 5 Years of Sales Totals, Past Due Balances and other key metrics from Act!
-> Lookup Customers in Act! by Items Purchased
-> All data resides in Act! fields and synchronizes out to remote Act! databases

Create New Sage 50 Customers from Act!

When your Act! Prospect places their first order, simply click on the Create S50 Customer Button on the Act! toolbar to use the contact information to create a new Customer Record in Sage 50 and link it to the Act! Record.

The Link Adds Contact and/or Company Fields To Your Act! Database* That Will Synchronize Sage 50 Data. (*Act! Layout Customizations Will Be Required)

Each user will be able to view the fields in the layout even if they don’t have Sage 50 or the link installed on their computer.

The S50 Transactions Tab Displays the Invoices, Estimates, Payments and Credit Memos for the Act! Record.

Double-Click on any transaction to display the detail. Each user who needs access to the Invoices Tab will need to purchase and Additional User license. The user does not need Sage 50 installed on their computer to use this feature.

The S50 Items Tab Displays the Act! Record’s Items Purchased.

From a customer record in Act!, and you can quickly see all of the Items they have purchased recently. You can’t even get this information from Sage 50. Sage 50 makes you double-click on each invoice to see what they’ve purchased.

Target market like never before. S50SalesData gives you a LOOKUP ITEM button that lets you pull up all customers that purchased a particular item within a date range you specify. You can use this key sales information to up-sell and cross-sell your customers.

The Act! Link for Sage 50 worksheet is meant to assist you with deciding how many additional S50SalesData licenses you need to purchase for your company. Note that you need to have at least one S50SalesData license installed on a machine that has both Sage 50 and Act! installed to have this functionality.


NOTE:  If you want to run the automatic nightly transaction sync program on your server, you will need to purchase an S50SalesData license for the server as well.


Refer to the Act! Link for Sage 50 worksheet below to see the different features available depending on if you have S50SalesData and Sage 50 installed on your computer. S50SalesData is licensed per workstation.


Act! Link for Sage 50 - S50SalesData Link Features