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Get your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Email Marketing in one integrated, powerful platform with Act!. Optimize your communications with prospects and customers to drive business growth.
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Free Upgraded Act! Premium Database

with Your Act! Premium Subscription Purchase

(New Customers Only)


When you start your Act! subscription and create a new database it comes with a set of standard fields and layouts (screens).  We’ve taken the standard database to the next level by including additional useful fields and visually improving the layouts for functionality and ease of use!  

Now get the upgraded database for free when you purchase your Act! Premium Hosted or Self-Hosted Subscription at our online store.

(hover over image to compare the Upgraded Database to the Standard Database)

A place for everything and everything in its place.

The Upgraded Database has been designed with users in mind to improve ease of use and enhance readability.  It contains several layouts for each area (Contacts, Companies, Groups and Opportunities) with the purpose of being able to accommodate for standard to jumbo screen sizes.  The colors used provide better visual contrast and section headers have been defined to group information to make data entry flow. The font type and font sizes used are to make it easier to view and read your data.


Get organized—and get busy.


(click on a TAB to see the areas of improvements)

Upgrades Made to the Contact Screens

Below lists the added Contact fields that are a part of the Upgraded Database that help you keep track of additional relevant information for your Leads, Prospects, Customers, Vendors, Buyers, Sellers, Owners, Contractors, etc.


[Main Contact Area Additions]

Free Act Database Track Account, Products or Services, and a Rating

Additional Status Fields: Products, Account Number, Rating and Tags

Additional Status fields are to help you identify and prioritize Contacts and how they relate to your business.

  • Products – track the Products and/or Services your Customers have purchased or your Prospects are interested in
  • Account # – enter an Account ID, Customer Number or Unique Identifier for your Customers
  • Rating – create your own Ratings or priority such as Hot-Cold, High-Low, 1-5, etc.
  • Tags – use Tags to aid classification or additional categorization of your Contacts

Free Act Database Track Marketing Lists and Marketing Results

Marketing Section

To help utilize the Email Marketing Service that comes with your Act! Subscription, the Upgraded Database includes the following fields:

  • Lists – utilize this field to identify the marketing campaigns the Contact is enrolled in
  • Unsubscribe – record when a Contact does not want to participate in your emarketing campaigns
  • Bounce – record when an email bounces to a Contact then you can follow-up to obtain updated information

Free Act Database Keeps Track of Time Zones

Contact’s Time Zone

Keep the Contact’s Time Zone handy so you can easily identify if it is a good time to reach out.

Free Act Database Keep Track of Additional Important Information

Additional Important Information

We added a memo field for you to store information that is important to keep top of mind when working with the Contact. 

[Contact’s Personal Tab Additions]

Free Act Database Keep a Photo or Image

Photo Field

Add a photo, image or business card to your Contacts.

Free Act Database Calculates Age and Keeps an Anniversary Date

Additional Personal Information

An age field has been added that automatically calculates the Contact’s age based on the date entered in the Birthday field.  An Anniversary date field has been added to help you keep track of the Contact’s marriage to their Spouse.

[Contact’s Interactions Tab Additions]

Free Act Database Stores Social Media Links

Social Media Links

Store the Contact’s Social Media URLs as hyperlinks – clicking a link will open a browser to their social media profile.

Additional Groups to Help You Market Like a Pro

Groups are used to segment and organize the Contacts in your database.  It is an integral part of using Act!’s Emarketing system as you send email campaigns to Groups of Contacts.

Free Act Database Track Newsletter List and Marketing Results

Act! Marketing Groups
Groups have been created to track your use of Act!’s Email Marketing features.  The Newsletter List subgroup is used for Contacts that have “Newsletter” in the Contact’s Marketing Lists field.  You can create a Newsletter Campaign within the Emarketing system and link this subgroup to the campaign.


Email Response Tracking 
Use the subgroup Email Bounced to track the Contacts where their email address bounced when an Emarketing Campaign was sent to them.  The Email Unsubscribed subgroup is for Contacts who have unsubscribed to your Emarketing Campaigns.

Updated Opportunities to Track Commissions

Tracking Opportunities is an important part of achieving your sales and business goals. Focus on your most valuable opportunities to hit your commission targets every month!

Free Act Database Tracks Commissions

Track Commissions

We reorganized the Opportunity screens to enhance usability as well as added a Commission field so you can track your commission for each sale.



  • Act! Premium Hosted Purchase – When we receive your order for the Act! Premium Hosted subscription with the Upgraded Database we will upload the Upgraded Database to your Hosted account.  Once the Upgraded Database has been uploaded you will receive an email from that the database is ready for you to login.
  • Act! Premium Self-Hosted Purchase – When you purchase the Act! Premium Self-Hosted subscription with the Upgraded Database we will send you an email with links to download the Upgraded Database and database restore instructions.



All features in the Upgraded Database are available for customers that purchase Act! Premium Hosted or Self-Hosted Subscription.


New Customers Only

The Upgraded Database is intended for New Act! Customers.  For Existing Act! Customers please contact us for options and costs.


Data Import

Act! provides importing tools with their products for self-service.  If you require assistance with your import we offer import services at an additional cost.  Please contact us to discuss requirements and to receive an estimate.

Act! CRM is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform that provides small and mid-sized companies with everything they need to run and grow their businesses.