Act! Marketing Automation Promo - 25% OFF 1st YEAR
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Act! Marketing Automation Promo – 25% OFF 1st YEAR

Upgrade Your Act! Marketing Automation Service Plan

The Act! Marketing Automation Promo is running from now until June 30, 2023. Purchase an Act! Marketing Automation Subscription Plan at 25% off MSRP for the 1st year!

NOW is a great time to add upgraded Marketing Automation features to your subscription that help you send more communications, create powerful workflows, get more leads, generate more sales for 2023!

The Act! Marketing Automation Promo applies to New Customers, Legacy Customers, and current Act! Premium Subscription Customers.


  • For New Customers – purchase your Act! Premium Hosted or Self-Hosted subscription and add an Act! Marketing Automation Plan to your order at 25% off!
  • For Legacy Customers (not currently on subscription) – you qualify for a double promotion! Purchase your Act! Premium Hosted or Self-Hosted subscription at $70 off (click here for more information) and add an Act! Marketing Automation Plan to your order at 25% off!
  • For Current Premium Subscribers – you can take advantage of the promotion by adding a Marketing Automation service plan to your account and the cost with the 25% off promotion will prorate for your current service term (not applicable for 2 year contracts).

Subscribers of other Act! products please Contact Us to discuss your options.

Act! Premium Subscriptions now include both Act! Premium CRM and Basic Act! Marketing Automation. The Basic service provides entry-level email marketing capabilities to help you get the word out and stay in touch with the included 2,500 emails per month. Take advantage of the Marketing Automation Promo by upgrading your Marketing Automation service. An upgraded plan adds more powerful features that turbocharges your marketing efforts right from your database. There are three additional Marketing Automation plans to choose from:

Act! Marketing AUtomation Plans


  • The Select tier of Act! Marketing Automation includes the same features as the basic tier but more!  With the Select plan you’ll be able to send 25,000 emails a month to unlimited contacts. It also includes features such as Turnkey campaigns and HTML email editor.  As well as Social Sharing, Landing Pages and Surveys.  Also Drip Marketing, a Visual Workflow Designer and Team Management. Jumpstart your marketing efforts using turnkey, pre-built campaigns.  In addition there are pre-built landing pages.  Import and edit existing HTML campaign templates using the WYSIWYG email editor or build new HTML campaigns from scratch. You’ll also be able to publish campaigns to social sites with social sharing.  Create online surveys and polls using multiple question types.  And give team members access to manage your marketing efforts and more.


  • The Act! Marketing Automation Complete tier is a full-featured marketing automation and time-saving CRM workflow.  Connecting your sales and marketing efforts in an all-in-one platform. You’ll get all the advantages of the Select tier plus more! You’ll have 50,000 emails a month to send to unlimited contacts.  As well as Marketing automation to CRM workflow.  Also response-driven nurture marketing and asset tracking.  In addition advanced lead capture, lead management and scoring.  It has event marketing and website activity tracking. Automate workflow between sales and marketing to maximize engagement at every phase of the customer journey.  For instance build highly personalized response-driven nurture marketing campaigns with decision trees.  And include one or more actions to let Act! Marketing Automation do the work for you.  Also see time spent and page visits. As well as perform A/B testing against different assets and more with Act! Marketing Automation Complete package.


  • Act! Marketing Automation Advanced tier is the ultimate package! With sophisticated marketing automation features and valuable services you can fast-track your success. With this plan you’ll get 100,000 emails a month to unlimited contacts. The Advanced tier also includes all the features of the Complete tier.  As well as Progressive Profiling and A/B Testing. With Progressive Profiling you’ll be able to gather information about a prospect over time.  By using short surveys that display questions based on what you already know about a lead and steadily build a rich prospect profile in Act!. A/B Testing allows you to test specific elements of two campaigns.  Thus determine your most impactful subject lines, email content, and more. Use the results to continually improve your content and send the best performing version.

Additional details on the Act! Marketing Automation Subscription Plans and features can be found here.

ORDERING THE ACT! MARKETING AUTOMATION PROMO IS EASY – New & Legacy Customers Visit our store and order online! Existing Act! Subscribers Contact Us for pricing!

offer valid until 6/30/2023

If you have questions click the CHAT button or click the link to visit our Contact Us web page.