Real Estate PLUS Mortgage Hosted CRM Bundle | Act! Premium
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Real Estate PLUS Mortgage CRM Hosted Bundle 1 Year



Click on DESCRIPTION below for product details and features included with the Real Estate PLUS Mortgage for Act! Premium Hosted Bundle.


Real Estate PLUS Mortgage Database with Act! Premium Hosted 1 Year Subscription Bundle | With the Act! Premium Hosted CRM solution your database will be hosted by Remote Tech Group, Act!’s #1 Hosting Provider.  You will have access via web browser and you can have an offline client (local windows install) that synchronizes with the hosted database for online and offline access.


You will need to purchase 1 per user.  Increase quantity to add more users.

Home Builder CRM and Act! Premium Hosted Bundle Purchase and Delivery

After we receive your order for the Act! Premium Hosted subscription bundle with the Real Estate and Mortgage Database we will then upload the Real Estate and Mortgage Database to your Hosted account.  Once the Real Estate and Mortgage Database has been uploaded you will then receive an email from that the database is ready for you to login. Delivery is typically within a few hours but please allow 1 business day.


Bundle includes an Act! Premium database specifically designed for residential real estate and lending professionals. Real Estate and Mortgage Database for Act! is a customized Act! Premium database for the real estate buying, selling and lending industry. Centralize Buyer, Seller, Borrower, Real Estate Transactions and Loans in Process for Easy Organization. Keep contact information at your fingertips using a database and corresponding layouts designed specifically for real estate agents and mortgage professionals.


CLICK HERE for full details of the Real Estate PLUS Mortgage CRM Hosted Bundle


Real Estate Plus Mortgage CRM

Real Estate PLUS Mortgage CRM Cloud


Real Estate PLUS Mortgage with Act! Premium Hosted 1 Year Subscription Bundle includes the following:


  • Real Estate PLUS Mortgage Act! Database
  • Hosting w/#1 Act! Hosting Company
  • Cloud with Windows Sync Access
  • Scheduled Updates and Nightly Backups
  • Full Featured Act! CRM
  • Basic Marketing Automation
  • Act! Companion Mobile App
  • Act! Connect App Integrations
  • Act! Customer Support



Review System Requirements prior to purchase.


By purchasing this product you agree to Remote Tech Group’s Service Level Agreement for the included hosting service:


$540 Price includes one Act! Premium Hosted user


Additional users: $540 USD/user/year
(billed annually)