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Looking for a customizable CRM for your business? Act! Custom Tables is an Add-on for Act! CRM with the ability to create custom tables to track your company's specific data. The Act! Custom Tables Add-on can be used with Act! Growth Suite products, whether Act! Hosted or Self-Hosted.
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Act! Custom Tables


Product Details and Pricing


Act! Custom Tables is an Add-on for active subscribers of Act! Premium and Act! Growth Suite – Hosted and Self-Hosted products. Not available for Act! CRM or Act! Pro products.

Act! Custom TablesAct! Custom Tables is available exclusively to Act! Premium or Act! Growth Suite subscribers.  Act! Custom Tables is an add-on feature in Act! (Windows and Web users) that allows you to create customized sections of the program, similar to Opportunities, for tracking one-to-many data records. These custom tables can be created with their own set of custom fields and layouts and can be linked back to existing Act! entities (Contacts, Companies, Groups, Opportunities), all without requiring any development knowledge or skills. Additionally, custom tables can be added to the navigation bar, and can even be added as tabs for Contacts, Groups, Companies, and Opportunities of Act! to display custom table records that are associated with those Act! entities.

Act! Custom Table Add-On Subscription

1 Year Price per user billed annually

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Act! Custom Tables - Additional Database Tables

Custom Tables Manager
Unlock the full potential of using Act! Custom Tables and Industry Templates for Act! CRM. Custom Tables Manager provides maximum adaptability and bring complex data sets, unique business processes, and specialized industry practices together in Act! to manage your business. But unlike spreadsheets, you can associate individual table entries to Act! contacts, companies, groups, and opportunities for easy reference.

Act! Custom Tables Template Library

Act! Custom Tables Template Library
Leverage industry-specific templates, fully optimized to capture and manage data relevant to your unique business or industry. Get started with templates for Consulting, Event Planning, Product Inventory, Projects, Service, Software, and Support.


Start from scratch and design your own Custom Tables to manage the detailed data you’ve always wanted to capture, but just didn’t have a place for – the possibilities are limitless!


Custom Table Templates allow you to perform a mail merge containing data stored in custom tables. You can pull field information from the Contacts, Opportunities and any Custom Tables into your Custom Table Templates. These templates can output to Word Documents or Outlook Emails for a single record or for a lookup of records.

Act! Custom Tables - Unique Features

Create new tables to track specific business data or processes and link to Contacts, Companies, Groups and/or Opportunities entities. You will also be able to create Sub-Tables to link to your Custom Tables. The Custom Tables and Sub-Tables can be displayed on the Act! Navigation Bar and/or as a Tab on a linked entity – Contacts, Companies, Groups and/or Opportunities.


You will be able to define fields for your custom tables to capture the information that is relevant to your business. Standard Act! field types and dropdown lists are available for developing the fields for the custom table. Exclusive to Custom Tables are a couple of additional Field features:


  • Sequential Fields allow you to create a field that will automatically populate the next number in a sequence when creating a record. This functionality is also known as auto-numbering.
  • Cascading Dropdowns allow you to make the available values in a dropdown list depend on the value of another field. This functionality is also known as dependent dropdowns.


Create Layouts for your Custom Tables to organize the table fields that allows for easy data entry.


Selecting a Custom Table from the Navigation Bar will produce a List View for that table. You will be able to select and set the default field columns for the list that will be displayed to all users. An exclusive Custom Table feature is Conditional Formatting that allows you to automatically apply formatting (such as bold, italics, changing colors etc.) to values that appear in your Custom Table List Views.


You can import data from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or CSV file into a custom table. If you have existing Act! data fields that you were using prior to the table feature being available you can use the Migrate Data feature to copy the field data to the custom table fields.


There are two ways to locate records in custom tables: Advanced Queries (desktop version only) and Quick Filters. The Quick Filter option allows you to narrow down the list by using keywords that match data that exists in visible columns in the list of records for a particular custom table. This can be done by filtering based on all data in all columns, or by filtering based on individual columns.