Act! Software Consulting: CRM Products & Marketing Automation
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Act! Software Consulting Services

Act! Software Consulting & Training Services


Act! CRM, Act! Premium and Act! Marketing Automation Services
by Authorized Act! Certified Consultants


With our Act! Software Consulting Services, Act! CRM evolves with your business.  In addition to offering Act! Software help, we are experienced in working with businesses of all types.  We have the expertise to quickly and efficiently design your Act! software and keep up with your business needs. Whether you’re just getting started or already using Act!, we’ll help you optimize your Act! Software.

We are a team of Act! Certified Consultants trained and authorized by Act!.  In fact our Act! Software services are to help companies implement Act! to run their business better.  Our Act! experts have the skills to bridge the gap between your business needs and Act! solutions.


From initial set-up to customization, then training and finally with ongoing support.  In sum our consultants have the expertise to get you up and running quickly as well as keep your Act! running smoothly.

Act! Software Consulting Services from Act! Certified Consultants - Act! Customization


    • Act! CRM Database and Layout Customization
    • Custom Tables Design
    • Marketing Automation Services
    • Email Marketing Services
    • Document Template Creation
    • Sales Process Design
    • Act! Report Customization

Act! Certified Consultants for Marketing Services - Act! Marketing Automation


    • Database Segmentation
    • Template Customization
    • Campaign Development
    • Web Forms Design
    • Social Media Integration
    • Campaign Results
    • Marketing Automation Training

Act! Certified Consultants and Act! Premier Trainers providing Act! Software Training


    • Act! Web Based Training
    • Act! Training at Your Location
    • Training at a Designated Facility
    • Act! CRM Training
    • Marketing Automation Training
    • All Act! Products
    • All Skill Levels

Act! Software Consulting Services and Act! Software Help offering Act! Professional Services


    • Act! Product Selection
    • Project Management
    • Act! Software Installation
    • App Integration
    • Synchronization Setup
    • Older Versions Migration
    • Data Import
    • On-going Support

Hire the Best Act! Software Consulting Company

Since 2000 we have been Act! Certified Consultants.  In fact Action Platinum Solutions is the 1st Diamond Preferred Partner in the United States.  In addition to providing local help with locations across the country we also provide services remotely anywhere in the country.


Our team of expert Act! Certified Consultants even have a proven history helping Act! software customers.  By leveraging the power of CRM and Marketing Automation all to enhance your productivity. Equally important  improving customer relations to close more sales and build revenue.  Above all helping businesses to evolve and grow.


Because we suit all budgets we currently offer Act! Software Consulting Services by the hour, service plans as well as project based work.  To summarize our services have you covered.  First with product selection.  Then design and implementation, in addition training and ongoing assistance. To conclude let us be your full service Act! partner as your business grows!


In sum we deliver quality help and services to provide support as your business evolves. This is a good time to get started and improve your workflow with our Act! Software Consulting Services. Contact us now to get in touch with expert Act! Certified Consultants today!


Below summarizes our process and some of our Act! services.  Whether you only need to start with 1 step or all 5 for a full scale project.  Now is the time to get your Act! together <old pun>.


First is to evaluate your requirements. Above all we listen and determine the products and services to reach goals.  Furthermore developing a plan of action.


Second is to design the program to meet your requirements. For example adding a couple of fields or hundreds of fields for a custom database.  Thus creating a system unique to your business.


Third is to import data to populate your database.  For instance if you have Excel spreadsheets we can review and verify correct formatting.  In addition use Excel tools for data cleanup prior to import.


Fourth is to implement integration to create powerful workflow. Besides simple integration of Office products we also integrate many 3rd party apps.  For example with Zapier using the Act! Connect Link.


Finally, but most important is training.  Custom training sessions specifically covering your program.  Of course from beginners to administrators as well as all staff in between.