Act! Marketing Automation for Act! Premium | Features and Pricing
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Act! Marketing Automation

Act! Marketing Automation is included or as an Add-On

for Act! Premium Products


Act! Marketing Automation optimizes the ways you communicate with prospects and customers.  First to maximize engagement which then leads to driving business growth.  Act! Premium CRM with Act! Marketing Automation creates an all-in-one sales and marketing platform.  Providing small and mid-sized companies with what they need to run and grow their businesses.

Act! Premium CRM Self-Hosted or Act! Premium CRM Hosted includes Basic Act! Marketing Automation.  But by upgrading your marketing automation service you’ll get more powerful features.


Act! Marketing Automation Pricing is found below and at our Online Act! Store.


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Act! Marketing Automation - Campaign Management

Over all Complete Marketing Campaign Management

Boost your customer journey and lifecycle. First from initial contact then to retention. Thus creating loyalty with outreach in each step.


Also let Act! Marketing Automation do the work for you.  For example with response driven nurture marketing campaigns.  All specifically sent to targeted lists in Act!.  For instance campaigns are triggered based on criteria you define. Thus leading recipients down a highly custom path.


Setup simple email blasts or drip marketing campaigns as needed. Also share campaigns on your social sites to extend your reach.  In addition embed social links in your campaigns to drive traffic to your social networks.


Campaign Key Features: Email Marketing, Drip Marketing, Response-driven Nurture Marketing, Social Sharing

Act! Marketing Automation - Visual Workflow Designer

Visual Workflow and Template Editor

Create beautiful and mobile-friendly email campaigns with the template editor.  Customize colors and fonts to reflect your business. Then add free, high-quality stock photos from a library of over 500,000 images.


First start with one of 25 sample templates.  In addition import and edit your existing HTML templates with the WYSIWYG editor.


Then setup campaigns with the visual workflow designer.  Thus providing a graphical rendering of your process. In addition preview email campaigns before sending.  In addition it has both mobile and desktop views .  This  ensures your images and content are perfect.


Template Key Features: Interactive Template Editor, WYIWYG Editor, Visual Workflow Designer, Mobile and Desktop Preview

Act! Marketing Automation - Effective Lead Capture

Effective Lead Capture, Scoring and Nurturing

Grow your database with lead capture forms and surveys.  Immediately feeding contacts and responses into Act!.  In addition advanced forms and surveys allow further actions in Act!. For example notify Act! users of new contacts.  As well as create Act! activities and opportunities as replies are received.


Above all identify your most interested prospects with lead scoring.  In fact scoring is based on campaign engagement.  As well as survey or web form responses, and website interactions. Thus leads are prioritized.  Then pushed into Act! groups for easy sales follow-up.


Landing Pages Key Features: Lead Forms, Surveys, Lead Scoring and Multi-stage Lead Profiling


Time Saving CRM Workflow and Prioritized Sales Follow-up

Automate workflow between sales and marketing.  Above all increase engagement at every phase of the customer journey. Then watch as Act! Marketing Automation turns real-time response metrics into sales actions.  Alerting you of new prospects and creating follow-ups.  Also delivering a combined view of customer engagement in a single solution.


Notify Act! users via email.  In addition create Act! activities and opportunities. For example based on campaign and website interactions.  As well as completed lead forms and surveys.


Workflow Key Features: CRM Workflow and Prioritized Sales Follow-up

Act! Marketing Automation - Real Time Metrics and Reporting

Real-Time Metrics and Customer Insights

Review what’s working and how you can improve your marketing strategy over time.  Review the Real-time metrics covering opens, clicks, and comparative stats per campaign. As well as individual campaign results are pushed to Act! contact records for a detailed history.


Also perform A/B tests.  Pinpoint your most impactful subject lines and content. Thus to continually improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.


In fact identify prospects on your website in real-time.  Most important engage with them when they are most interested.  In addition web visits feed into lead scoring profiles.  Also create activities for sales follow-up in Act!.


Reporting Key Features: Real-time Campaign Metrics, A/B Testing, Website Activity Tracking and Analytics

Act! Marketing Automation - Email Best Practices

Deliverability and Best Practices

Your campaigns will be delivered and reach inboxes.  Because Act! Marketing Automation is backed by an expert delivery team.  Namely helping you manage your sender reputation.  In addition achieve solid delivery rates.


Also you’ll have access to numerous helpful tools.  For example GDPR compliance.  As well as spam analysis, managing opt-outs, and so much more.


Fast-track your success with guidance around sender reputation.  As well as inbox delivery rates and other essential deliverability topics.


Enhance your Act! Premium CRM with an Upgraded Marketing Automation Plan

(Per Account Subscription and Not Per User Fee)


Additionally existing Act! Premium, Growth Suite or CRM Classic Subscribers will purchase at a pro-rated amount for your current term.  So Contact Us for the cost to add Act! Marketing Automation to your account.

Powerful Marketing
  • Select

  • $79US
  • $79/Account/Month

    ($948.00 billed annually)


    Powerful marketing automation features to engage your customers and grow your business


    • 25,000 emails per month to unlimited contacts
    • Turnkey campaigns
    • Drip marketing
    • HTML email editor
    • Visual workflow designer
    • Social sharing
    • Landing pages & surveys
    • Campaign calendar
    • Deliverability & compliance tools

Select features, plus:
  • Complete

  • $199US
  • $199/Account/Month

    ($2,388.00 billed annually)


    Full-featured marketing automation and time-saving CRM workflow to connect your sales and marketing efforts


    • 50,000 emails per month to unlimited contacts
    • Marketing automation
    • CRM workflow
    • Response-driven nurture marketing
    • Advanced lead capture
    • Lead management & scoring
    • Asset tracking
    • Event marketing
    • Website activity tracking

Complete features, plus:
  • Advanced

  • $399US
  • $399/Account/Month

    ($4,788.00 billed annually)


    Sophisticated marketing automation features and valuable consulting services to fast-track your success


    • 100,000 emails per month to unlimited contacts
    • Progressive profiling
      • Advanced Info Gathering
      • Build Rich Contact Profiles
    • A/B testing
      • Test Subject Lines
      • Test Content & More
      • Improve Your Content
      • Improve Your Results


Act! Marketing Automation Features List Part1
Act! Marketing Automation Features List Part2


Attract and engage prospects and existing customers. Stand out with personalized campaigns and landing pages. Stay connected to prospects and customers using automated workflows and triggers. Know what’s working and how to prioritize your follow-up with actionable insights.

Moreover existing Act! Premium Subscribers will purchase at a pro-rated amount.  In fact this amount currently is based on the end of your term. 

So Contact Us for the cost to add Act! Marketing Automation to your account.