Act! Link for Sage 50 | Top US Act! Software Partner
Act! Link for Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree) Accounting avoids the redundant work of having a separate Act and Sage 50 databases by linking the two programs together.
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Act! Link for Sage 50 Accounting


The Act! Link for Sage 50  by DataPlus allows Act! users access to critical and statistical information from Sage 50 in Act fields for Customers, Vendors and Employees. Act! users can push data from Act! to Sage 50.

Act CRM Link for Sage 50 Accounting

Having separate Act! and Sage 50 databases can be a major source of inefficiency and redundant work. An Act! link to Sage 50 is where the DataPlus Link for Act! fits in! Contact our Act! Link for Sage 50 expert Renee at  or submit a Contact Us Form at this link to discuss the link for your business or to get a quote!


: ACT! Premium v16 or Newer
US VERSIONS of Sage 50: Sage 50 Pro, Premium & Quantum — 2016 or Newer


Sage 50 to Act! FEATURES

Using DataPlus, Act! users access critical and statistical information from Sage 50 in Act fields for Customers, Vendors and Employees!

-> Company and Contact Level
-> Customer and Vendor Contact linked to Company
-> New Customers, Vendors, Employees in Sage 50, that are not in Act! are pushed to Act! throughout the day
-> Statistical data pushed daily
-> Act field data available to network, web, mobile and remote users


Act! to Sage 50 FEATURES

Using DataPlus, Act! users can push data from Act! to Sage 50

-> Create Customer, Vendor and Employee from Act!
-> Edit Customer and Vendor from Act!
-> Create Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices


DataPlus Drill Down FEATURES

Using DataPlus, Act! users can data-mine a wealth of information from Sage 50

-> Drill down data is available for all years from Sage 50
-> Security access controls for Sage 50 data in Act!
-> Sage 50 drill down data remains in your network (don’t let your critical accounting data leave the office)


Sage 50 Financial History in Act Premium

Financial History custom fields are shared between Customer, Vendor and Salesperson from Sage 50.


Sage 50 Customer/Vendor Information in Act Premium

Customer/Vendor Information Inventory Sales Data, Items Sold/Purchased by Customer.


Sage 50 Financial Info in Act Premium

Financial Information updated daily


Take your Business to the next level with the efficiency of seamlessly linking your  CRM and accounting data together.  With the Act! Link for Sage 50 by DataPlus your Act! and Sage 50 programs integrate to eliminate double-entry.  Above all the link makes your Act! users more productive and informed.


Updates are in both directions.  So the changes made into one system get updated into the other system and vice versa. As a result, your front office is well connected to your back office.  Most importantly your users are empowered with accurate information.