Act! Software Services | Act! CRM Authorized Partner
Act! Certified Consultants and Trainers providing Act CRM Professional Services including Project Management, Installation, Act Customization, Act Marketing Automation, Act Software Training, Act Emarketing Consulting and discounts on your Act software.
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Act! Software Services

Act! Software Services

Professional Services from Act! Certified Consultants


Act! Software Services includes Project Planning, Installation, Data Conversion, Data Import, Customization, Marketing, Training and more!

Act! Software Services from a team of Act! Certified Consultants trained and authorized by Act!.  Offering a variety of professional services in helping companies implement Act! to run their business better. From initial set-up to customization for specific needs, our consultants have the expertise and passion to get you up and running effectively – and keep you running smoothly.


In addition to our Act! Software Services of Customization, Marketing Services and Act! Software Training, Action Platinum Solutions provides additional professional services (remote or on-site services available) for all Act! Products (Act! CRM Cloud, Act! Premium CRM, Act! Premium CRM for Windows, Act! Premium CRM for Web, Act! Custom Tables, Act! Pro) and Act! Services (Act! Marketing Automation, Act! Emarketing, Act! Connect) in order to deliver a successful CRM implementation and company adoption.

Act! Software Services from Act! Certified Consultants


We will help you to determine which Act! product is the best fit for your business. We are the #1 Act! Diamond Preferred Partner and Reseller in the United States and are able to provide our customers the best price on their Act! product purchases.


With our Act! Software Services we work with your company to identify business goals and objectives and to map your Act! implementation strategy to meet business needs. Phases of a project typically includes defining requirements, package selection, integration, customization, roll-out, training and on-going support.

Act! Software Services - Project Management



Act! solutions offer both offline and online access, our Act! Software Services covers both Cloud and Windows deployments.  We will work with you and/or your IT personnel to make sure system requirements are in place, as well as program installation, application integrations, user security established, and most importantly implement a backup and maintenance strategy.


As part of our Act! Software Services we can combine your information from multiple Act! databases, other software programs such as Excel or Access, and competitive products like to a single, shared database. Also helpful is to develop a data management strategy for data entry, data cleanup and ongoing maintenance – eliminate dirty data inefficiencies.


“REALLY OLD ACT!” MIGRATION – We can perform your Act! 2 thru Act! 6 database upgrades, including any needed database repair. When upgrading, the database and fields will carry forward into the latest Act! CRM version, but any customized Layouts and/or Templates may need some redesign after the upgrade. Old Custom Act! reports, labels and envelopes will need to be recreated to the updated Act! report writer.

Act! Software Import - Import an Act! Database


Although there are hundreds of add-on products that extend the power of Act!, we only recommend and sell the products that we have tested internally to offer you the best solutions for your business.


Act! CRM Subscribers – We can help you with Act! Connect to utilize Zapier and its integration with hundreds of popular apps to extend the power and reach of your Act! CRM program that automates the tedious tasks in your workflow.


Keeping your Act! environment operational is vital to your business and our customers require reliable, dependable experts that are able to quickly resolve issues while not breaking the bank with our budget friendly service plans. Our staff is a strong team of experienced, Act! Certified technicians who are able to deliver Act! based technical services anywhere. Whether you need help installing, configuring, obtaining software upgrades or updates, diagnosing and fixing operating problems or performing maintenance tasks, we deliver the solutions you need to keep your Act! software up and running.


Act! Software Services of Project Planning, Installation, Data Conversion, Data Import, Customization, Marketing and Training