Act! Pro Software for Windows | Features and Pricing
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Act! Pro Software Customers – Products and Pricing

Act CRM Software - Act Premium Pricing and Act Software Costs

Act! Pro Software Customers
Purchase Premium Products & Promotion

Act! Product Details and Act! Pro Customer Promo Price


Act! has announced the end of the Act! Pro Software product sales.  Act! Pro Software was the only Act! perpetual licensing desktop product.  After September 15, 2023 all Act! products will be an annual subscription.


With the Act! Pro v24 deadline having passed Pro Customers can still get a big discount off of an Act! Premium Desktop subscription.  This is a huge savings off of the 1st year!

Which Act! Software Product is the Right Product for You?  Compare the available Act! product options:


Act! Pro v24 Software – Discontinued

For individuals and teams up to 5 people. You install the software on a local computer or server and host your own data.  Act! Pro includes the CRM features of Contacts, Companies, Groups, Opportunities, Notes, Histories, Activities, Outlook Integration, and standard Reports. 

Act! Pro does not include Act! Technical Support (available at an extra cost), Act! Training Videos, Act! Marketing Automation features, API features (Sales Pipeline, Insight Dashboards, App Integration), or the Act! Mobile App.

NOTE: It is important to know that after July 31, 2024 Act! Pro v24 will no longer receive critical updates and fixes that ensure the software continues to run without issue.


New Act! Premium Desktop v25

With the new v25 Act Premium Desktop product you deploy and manage the software (similar to Act! Pro without the user limitation).  This means you host your database on your computer or for larger companies on your network with your server and computers.  You have complete control in applying the included updates and upgrades.

Act! Premium Desktop includes all the features of Act! Pro PLUS it includes Act! Standard Tech Support, Act! Software Updates and Upgrades, Act! Marketing Automation Basic Plan, API features (Sales Pipeline, Insight Dashboards, App Integration), Act! Mobile App, and Act! Video Libraries.  It also includes software for both Windows and Web systems.   Click here for more information on Act! Premium Desktop.


Act! Premium Cloud

With Act! Premium Cloud your database will be hosted by Act!.  Access is via web browser and you can also have an offline client (local windows install).  This remote syncs with the hosted database for online and offline access.  Act! Premium Cloud includes Backups, Maintenance and Automatic Upgrades.

Act! Premium Cloud includes the features of Act! Premium Desktop PLUS you’ll have instant online access to Act! in a modern, secure Cloud environment – no IT needed, no hardware required, just an affordable subscription.   Click here for more information on Act! Premium Cloud.


Act! Products are Priced per User

*The Promotional Price is for Act! Pro Customers that are Moving to an Act! Premium Desktop or Act! Premium Cloud Subscription.

Act! Pro Software
  • Act! Pro

  • $450LICENSE
  • Act! Pro Price/User




    • Act! Pro for Windows Software
    • Act! CRM Base Features
    • Handheld Contact Mobile App is Extra
    • Act! Customer Support is Extra

Act! Premium Desktop
  • Act! Premium

  • $4001 Year
  • Self-Hosted Price/User




    • Act! Windows Software
    • Act! Web Software
    • Full Featured Act! CRM
    • Basic Marketing Automation
    • Act! Mobile App
    • Act! Connect App Integrations
    • Act! Customer Support

Act! Premium Cloud
  • Act! CLOUD

  • $3001 Year
  • Act! Cloud Price/User




    • Act! Hosting with Cloud Access
    • Windows Sync Option at $120/year
    • Full Featured Act! CRM
    • Basic Marketing Automation
    • Act! Mobile App
    • Act! Connect App Integrations
    • Act! Customer Support


This offer is valid for Act! customers with a previous Act! Pro or Act! Premium version or have an expired subscription longer than 6 months.


Act! Premium Desktop $400/user for the 1st Year!

Buy Act! Software Now


Act! Premium Cloud $300/user for the 1st Year!

Buy Act! Software Now


Act! Premium Cloud with Desktop Sync $420/user for the 1st Year!

Buy Act! Software Now

Why Choose Act! Premium CRM Software?

Act! Pro v24 is compatible with Windows 11 and works with Office 2021. Going forward a Windows or Office update could jeopardize this compatibility for Act! Pro v24 after July 31, 2024 as fixes and updates will no longer be provided. It may be time to consider a Premium subscription.  In addition to the extra useful features, it comes with the latest v25 version and with the included updates you will always have access to the latest version of Act!.


As an Act! user, you know the value of a great CRM. But did you know that Act! Premium products also include integrated email marketing?  Do you send your customers contract renewals, appointment reminders, quotes, or newsletters? With Act! Marketing Automation, you can automate those communications right from Act! and directly from your database.  You will no longer need to use a 3rd party email marketing product, such as Constant Contact or Mail Chimp, because Act! Premium has it built in.

Upgrading from a Previous Version of Act! Software?

No matter which Act! CRM system is selected, if you have a version of Act! Pro, Swiftpage Act!, Act! Premium or Act! Premium for Workgroups your data should smoothly upgrade.  As well as other previous products from Sage Software such as Act by Sage, Sage Act Pro, Act by Sage Premium, Sage Act Premium, Sage Premium for Workgroups or Sage Act Workgroups.


Act 2004, Act v6, Act v5, or Act v4 versions will require technical work to upgrade the data.  Service fees will be extra on top of the Act! software subscription cost.

Click Here to Read the Fine Print


Promotional Pricing

  • To qualify you must be a previous customer or provide your previous version serial number or Act! account number.
  • Promotion is not a one-for-one purchase meaning if you had a single user license of a previous version you can buy as many users as you need under the promotional pricing.
  • Expired subscriptions 6 months or longer qualify for the Premium Customer promotion pricing.

After Purchase Product Delivery

  • Act! Pro Software Purchase – Discontinued and no longer available.
  • Act! Premium Desktop Purchase – After you place your order for the Act! Premium Desktop subscription we will start your account.  You will receive an email from Act! with your serial number and Act Software Download for Premium v25 for Windows and related Web software version.
  • Premium Cloud Purchase – After you place your order for the Act! Premium Cloud subscription we will start your Cloud account.  You will receive an email from Act! with your Cloud login instructions.  This email will also contain the link to upload an existing database.

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