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Act! Marketing Services

Services from Act! Marketing Automation Certified Consultants

Act! Marketing Services for Act! Marketing Automation
from Act! Marketing Experts and Act! Certified Consultants



Services from Act! Marketing Automation Certified Consultants

We offer specialized CRM and Marketing Services to help you get the most from your Act! Premium CRM or Act! Marketing Automation Subscription. Our Act! Certified Consultants will help you acquire new leads and engage prospects and customers.  In order to build profitable relationships that fuel business growth.  Use the powerful Act! Marketing Automation as part of Act! Premium CRM or as an addon for Act! solutions.

Services for Act! Marketing Automation Products

Comprehensive Marketing Campaign Management

We work with you to define your marketing goals by understanding your business and available opportunities. Whether it be to get more qualified leads or convert more leads into customers. Also get more sales from existing customers and nurture those that keep your business successful.


Based on your goals we can develop a marketing strategy that utilizes your CRM and incorporates Marketing Automation. Planning what you want to achieve before sending the first campaign makes it easier to identify what to send, when to send it and who to send it to. This planning also allows for the creation of targeted, highly effective messaging to help achieve your marketing objectives.


Providing a cohesive customer experience between Marketing, Sales, Service and Support for your company’s customer lifecycle includes identify the forms that need to be built, the campaigns that should be sent and the automation that needs to be implemented to keep the processes going to achieve your goals.

Marketing Services: Design and Develop Email Templates

Template design is one of our Marketing Services which can be utilized, as determined by your project, on an as needed or an on-going basis. A good place to start is by incorporating your company’s branding kit or help you develop a style guide for your template designs. From there we can create a base template that you can edit at each use with your updated content. Or you can provide us with your updated content and we will create all of the messages for your campaigns.


To tailor your messaging, templates can be personalized by placing merge fields to pull information from your Act! database contacts records – including custom fields. This opens a variety of uses of not only promotional messages to grab their attention but also the ability of sending renewal, maintenance, warranty, expiration, etc. notices or any other important communications for your business.


Check Out Our 1st Campaign Marketing Package Here

Act! Marketing Automation - Campaign Management
Act! Marketing Automation - Visual Workflow Designer

Create and Send Campaigns

Campaigns are associated to Groups in your database.  We can build in the automatic assignment of the group members based on any contact field criteria. This may entail additional database customization for the list segmentation refinement of who should be a member of a campaign.

Market Services covers simple or complex – whether your campaign consists of a single email or has multiple steps with several decisions along the way, we can set up your campaigns to deliver the right message at the right time. Automating the customer journey – if a person is no longer suitable for the campaign (i.e. prospect to customer) that contact is automatically removed from any future campaign steps and placed in an appropriate campaign.


For Complete or Advanced Marketing Automation Subscribers we can help with your Event Marketing with nurture campaigns designed for sending event invitations, gather registration information, track attendees, send thank you emails, and more.


Check Out Our 1st Campaign Marketing Package Here

Lead Capture and Landing Pages

Offering Marketing Services for designing effective forms for lead capture and surveys for information collecting, we help you fill your database with contacts interested in your products or services. Forms or landing pages are hosted web pages or embedded on your website.  Completed forms will feed the contacts and responses automatically into Act!. With the automation new leads and survey responders are added to the appropriate drip or nurture campaign, sent a confirmation message, and track engagement.


For Complete or Advanced Marketing Automation Subscribers we can take lead capture and surveys to the next level by creating Act! activities and opportunities automatically based on responses for easy sales follow-up. We can identify your most interested prospects with lead scoring based on campaign engagement, survey/web form responses, and website interactions.


Check Out Our Lead Generation Marketing Package Here

Act! Marketing Automation - Effective Lead Capture

Time-Saving CRM Workflow with Prioritized Sales Follow-up

For Complete or Advanced Marketing Automation Subscribers we can automate the workflow between sales and marketing.  Specifically to maximize engagement at every phase of the customer journey. Notifications can be set for Act! users via email.   In addition create Act! activities and opportunities based on campaign and website interactions as well as completed lead forms and surveys.

See our CRM and Marketing Automation video on Rumble.

Real-Time Response Metrics & Actionable Customer Insights

We can review with you to understand what’s working and how to improve your marketing strategy over time.  For example by using the real-time metrics.  This includes opens, clicks and comparative stats per campaign.  Thus helping you to make data-driven decisions and identify new opportunities for growth.


Individual campaign results are pushed to Act! contact records.  In fact your Act! users have a detailed interaction history. Accordingly this history provides unparalleled insight into your contacts interest level. Thus allowing sales to tailor their pitches accordingly.

Act! Marketing Automation - Real Time Metrics and Reporting
Act! Marketing Automation - Email Best Practices

Marketing Services: Best Practices & Training

Our Act! marketing experts are also certified Act! Premier Trainers. Thus we can provide you or your marketing members with product training and best practices.  Specifically our training covers content for how your company will utilize the program. In addition you have the privacy to discuss company-specific policies and procedures unlike in a generic public session.



  • For one-off needs or small projects we can bill you at a standard hourly rate.

  • We have service plans available to cover projects large or small, or use for on-going assistance. Your pre-purchased plan hours can be used for any professional services we offer. The more plan hours purchased the lower the average cost per service hour.

  • We can provide a flat rate for the scope of your project from beginning to end.

  • Full service is a great option for customers that need to implement marketing automation into their business but don’t have the staff or don’t want to it themselves.

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