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Act! Customer Reviews

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We Can Help Your Business with Act! CRM and Marketing Automation Too!


For over a decade has worked with customers across all industries.  We tailor their Act! software to meet business objectives. Below are a few of our customer reviews.  The reviews tell how we have helped our customers with their Act!.  Also how using CRM has helped their businesses.


Act! Customer Review - helps businesses succeed

Act! Customer Review by LMT Mercer Group

Since 1987, LMT Mercer Group has been making high-quality vinyl fencing, decking and railing components. Specifically for the construction, housebuilding and landscaping sectors.


Based in New Jersey they are a market leader in their field. Above all due to a combination of product innovation and high-quality customer service. Both of which it continues to achieve because of Act!.


How Act! Helps The Company

For instance “Giving individual attention and care is really important,” says the company’s sales manager, Roby Grenier. “Act! allows us do that because it captures information our ERP system doesn’t.” Therefore he continues “Which means we can stay closer to our customers.” Customer Review

In fact Roby is always developing Act! further.  For instance by making minor adjustments to the system as needed. But for major updates he turns to Debora Boyle, an Act! Certified Consultant with Action Platinum Solutions. Most importantly they’ve provided great help and assistance ever since Roby joined the company ten years ago.



Act! Customer Reviews

Charter Capital

Industry Sector:

Business Services

Act! Platinum Customer: Since 2003

Organization Overview:

Charter Capital is a family-owned equipment finance company. Since 1977, above all the commercial finance firm has been providing clients with customized financing solutions.  For example equipment or technology purchases at competitive rates.

Key Business Benefits:

Act! Customer Review from Greg Miller, partner of Charter Capital.


Above all Act! provides the functionality to maintain their customer relationships. Also Act! is at a lower cost than competing solutions, such as


In fact Act! is easily customized to fit the needs of their sales force and organization.  Because it incorporates specific client information, such as the Dun & Bradstreet Credit Scoring Report.


Also the seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and customized email templates allow Charter Capital to direct communication and marketing campaigns.  Specifically targeting clientele depending on industry or vertical.


In addition with Act!, Charter Capital is able to effectively manage its sales forecast.  As a result, knows where the business stands on any given day.

Act! Customer Reviews

First Insurance Corporation

Industry Sector:

Management Services

Act! Platinum Customer: Since 2001

Organization Overview:

First Insurance Corporation (FIC) is a multi-state marketing organization.  In fact they represent health insurance carriers and agents in the health insurance industry. Above all FIC is a full-service managing general agency.  For instance FIC provides product training, field underwriting, claims resolution, marketing support as well as policy service assistance.

Key Business Benefits:

Tara Dewane, Marketing Director of FIC, gives her Act! Customer Review.


FIC serves as the liaison between insurance agents and insurance companies.  Specifically FIC maintains strong relationships through seamless communication.


In fact the integration of Act! with Microsoft Outlook has increased efficiency.  For instance it allowed the business to be completely paperless.


Also FIC is able to deliver tailored, multi-state e-marketing campaigns to customers.  On the whole they use five highly customized Act! databases with 50,000 contacts each.


In sum by using Act! for many years, FIC is able to stay above the competition. Also Act! continues to grow with the business each year.

Act! Customer Reviews

Superior Cleaning Equipment

Industry Sector:

Wholesale Trade – Durable

Act! Platinum Customer: Since 2007

Organization Overview:

Superior Cleaning Equipment is a dealership for industrial cleaning and environmental equipment systems. Most importantly the company is best known for a reliable, high quality product line.  In addition they have a superior service center and the largest parts inventory in the Southwest.

Key Business Benefits:

Greg Sprunk, President of Superior Cleaning Equipment, provides an Act! Customer Review.


Quickly adopting Act! to replace the existing note-card system. In fact they increased productivity with Act!. Therefore the business needed only half of the sales staff.


Also Act! enables management to effectively direct its sales staff. Immediately being able to view the daily performance of each representative.


Specifically a centralized database allows for easy access to all relevant customer materials.  For example items such as site plans, images of locations and quotes necessary to expedite and thus close sales deals.


In addition integration with their accounting program allows increased customer satisfaction, efficiency, and above all profits.  Namely by having direct access to all important accounting information.

Proudly Serving Customers at these firms and many more!

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