Announcing Act! v24!
This Act! Software Import article contains instructions for importing an existing Act! database to an vertical database for your industry.
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Announcing Act! v24!

What’s new in Act! v24 Software

Act! v24 Software delivers turbocharged performance via a 64-bit native architecture, while user-driven Office integration enhancements bring optimized usability. New marketing automation capabilities enable greater collaboration and drive dynamic marketing outreach with intelligent follow-up. Ensure you always remain compatible with the latest hardware and operating systems – including support for Windows® 11.

Act! Premium v24 Release

New 64-bit Architecture – Windows & Web
Act! v24 Software capitalizes on the inherent benefits of today’s 64-bit hardware and operating systems – gaining full access to all available system memory for superior speed, performance, and scalability.

Multi-task, perform high-load functions, and support large files and data sets without memory issues via access to virtually unlimited RAM with a 64-bit native application vs. 4GB with a 32-bit application.

64-Bit Architecture:

  • Memory Access
    • Access 17,000,000,000+ GB of RAM with a 64-bit native application vs. 4GB with a 32-bit application.
  • Multi-Tasking
    • Run multiple applications concurrently without system lag or out-of-memory issues.
  • Speed & Performance
    • Enjoy superior speed during high-load functions and support for large files and data sets.
  • Scalability
    • Run multiple concurrent 3rd party add-ons optimally and support large or growing implementations.
  • Security
    • Leverage the inherent security benefits of 64-bit hardware and operating systems.

Windows® 11 & Office 2019 Compatibility
Run Act! v24 on Windows® 11 for the latest usability and security enhancements from Microsoft® – set to release in Q4 2021. Additional compatibility updates include support for Office 2019 and SQL Server 2019.

Your Act! subscription ensures ongoing compatibility with current hardware, software, and operating systems for maximum productivity and peace of mind.

Compatibility Updates:

  • Windows 11
    • Deploy Act! v24 on Windows 11, releasing October 2021.
    • Reap the benefits of a modern 64-bit platform with the latest security and performance enhancements from Microsoft.
    • Leverage Act! subscription to stay current and compatible with the latest hardware and operating systems.
  • SQL 2019
    • Deploy pre-packaged SQL 2019 automatically for new installs for maximum performance and convenience.
    • Benefit from the most recent SQL security, performance, and scalability enhancements. Read more here.
  • Office 2019
    • Act! v24 uses 64-bit integration to Office for contact and calendar sync for optimal performance and scalability.
    • Act! Office Add-Ins support 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Office 2019.

Enhanced Marketing Features
Enhance the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with new collaboration and design tools, intelligent A/B testing, and automatic follow-up actions based on marketing engagement score. Streamline common relationship management tasks between Act!, Outlook, and Word for maximum efficiency.

Act! Marketing Automation Enhancements:

  • New Features & Enhancements
    • Capture notes and reminders and collaborate with others on template design with new Comments feature.
    • Hide individual rows or blocks of content from rendering in mobile emails to optimize optics and readability.
    • Send an A/B email test to subsets of your recipient list, then automatically send the best performing version to the remainder based on decision criteria you define.
    • Trigger follow-up actions such as calls, meetings, or additional emails based on a score derived from email, landing page, and web site engagement by each recipient.
    • Enjoy greater design flexibility with multiple sections and two-column display on landing page templates.

Act! v24 uses 64-bit integration for Outlook and Word add-ins, allowing for optimal performance and scalability.

Outlook Add-In:

  • UI/UX Enhancements
    • Select from multiple databases quickly and conveniently in the Outlook Add-In and apply toolbar actions (e.g. Quick Attach, Attach to Contact, etc.).
  • New Features & Improvements
    • Attach emails to history for contacts that do not have an email address in Act!, based on matching of data in other fields.
    • Set up API connection to Outlook easily for locally shared hosted databases via new Preference option.

Word Add-In:

  • UI/UX Enhancements
    • Pull in current contact list used during Mail Merge for attaching or recording to history.
  • New Features & Improvements
    • Embed images in MS-word based Mail Merge templates from image fields on contact records.
    • Resume sending Act! Mail Merge through Outlook due to fix of issue caused by latest MS security update whereas items were going to draft folder.

UPGRADING YOUR ACT! SOFTWARE IS EASY – Backup your database, install your software and open your database and it will update. For more information, please review the knowledgebase article: How do I upgrade to Act! v24 from a previous version. Make sure you review the Act! System Requirements before upgrading.

If you have questions click the CHAT button or click the link to visit our Contact Us web page.