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Act! Marketing Automation and WHY Your Business Needs It

Act! Marketing Automation and WHY Your Business Needs It

CRM and Marketing Automation in a Single Solution:

Have you heard of Marketing Automation and CRM in one solution? In fact over the past several years Marketing Automation technology has been booming simply because automated workflows. Thus allowing businesses to maximize engagement, drive business growth, and increase productivity. Over all by saving time and energy from tedious and manual tasks. Act! Marketing Automation enhances productivity and saves resources. With the ability to deliver a custom and personal customer experience to your clients, leads, and prospects. When used in tandem with Act! CRM you’ll get a over all view of your sales and marketing activity. In addition this allows you to prioritize leads, create a unique and dynamic experience. As well as optimize all the ways you communicate with your prospects and customers.

With all this in mind it’s no wonder that 51% of companies use Marketing Automation and the growth of this technology is increasing every day.

Email Marketing or Marketing Automation

Most email marketing systems only offer the fundamental create and send basics. In contrast Act! Marketing Automation presents a full slate of state-of the art features. Over all it helps you save time. All the while delivering a personalized experience to your customers.. You can also find more information on these powerful features at:

CRM and Marketing Automation Software

These Act! Marketing Automation features help you elevate your sales and marketing game by enhancing how you do business in terms of customer engagement and satisfaction. You can benefit from Act! Marketing Automation in many ways including:

  • Integrating your Act! CRM and Act! Marketing Automation
  • Increase ROI and Lower Costs
  • Boost Customer Experience and Retention
  • Increasing Sales and Growth
  • Increase Productivity and Results

Benefits of CRM and Marketing Automation

Integrating your Act! CRM and Act! Marketing Automation

Act! CRM and Marketing Automation is your go-to sales and marketing platform. You gain a more overall view of your client relationships and engagement levels. Specifically when all your contact details and marketing data is combined into one software. No toggling between multiple spreadsheets and programs. Moreover when it is all centralized together into one hub.

Increasing ROI and Lower Costs

Increase your ROI by knowing how effective your marketing efforts are and where performance levels are standing. Also get a clear picture of your KPI’s and gauge your automated workflows. In addition finding out what works and what could use improvement.

Boost Customer Experience and Retention

Track the sales trail of your customers and personalize their buying experience.  Create customized emails based on criteria and triggers you define in Act!. Each customer is different, and each buying experience is unique and individual to them. A one-size-fits-all sales approach isn’t going to work for everyone. Act! allows you to keep track of individuals and therefore personalize your outreach to them. This enhances the buying experience and ultimately boosts customer retention.

Increasing Sales and Growth

Don’t waste time and energy on the wrong leads or push a prospect who isn’t ready to buy. Identify your most interested prospects with lead scoring.  Overall based on campaign engagement, survey/web form responses, and website interactions. Prioritized leads can be targeted for easy sales follow-up.  Also identify prospects on your website in real-time so you can engage with them when they are most interested.

Increase Productivity and Results

Having your sales and email marketing together increases accessibility and visibility.  Thus allowing your business to measure and analyze the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts. Act! gives you insight of these results with visual snapshots of real-time metrics.  covering sales productivity and performance, sales pipeline health, top performing products, win/loss analysis, and more with interactive, graphical dashboards so you can improve your tactics.

In conclusion your business needs Act! CRM and Marketing Automation

With its convenience and affordability Act!’s is an all-in-one sales and marketing software.  In addition Act! allows you and your team to manage your internal processes easily.  In contrast to the burden of juggling multiple software solutions.  With Act! CRM and Marketing Automation you compile and utilize customer data.  As well as step up your sales and marketing game by creating an over all picture of your prospects, leads and customers. Above all optimize all the ways you communicate with prospects and customers.  Thus maximize engagement, revenue and drive business growth.

If you have questions or want to hire us to help with your CRM and Marketing Automation click the CHAT button or click the link to visit our Contact Us web page.