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Act! Custom Tables Addon




Available for Act! Premium Hosted or Act! Premium Self-Hosted subscribers, custom tables is a feature that allows you to create customized sections of the program, similar to Opportunities, for tracking one-to-many data records. These custom tables can be created with their own set of custom fields and layouts and can be linked back to existing Act! entities (Contacts, Companies, Groups, Opportunities), all without requiring any development knowledge or skills.



Price listed includes the Custom Tables Addon for one Act! Premium Hosted user or Act! Premium Self-Hosted user for 1 year. 


Increase the product quantity to match the number of users for your account.


Click on Description for features of the Custom Tables Addon for Act! Premium


CLICK HERE to learn more about Act! Custom Tables


You will need to purchase 1 per user.


Purchase should be make in conjunction with Act! Premium Hosted or Act! Premium Self-Hosted Subscription products.  If you already have an active Premium or Growth Suite Subscription and want to add Custom Tables to your account contact us for a pro-rated cost.


Addon product for Act! Premium Hosted or Act! Premium Self-Hosted



Custom Table Manager

Unlock the full potential of Act! using Custom Tables and Industry Templates for Act! Premium CRM. Custom Tables Manager provides maximum adaptability so you can bring complex data sets, unique business processes, and specialized industry practices together in Act! to manage your business. But unlike spreadsheets, you can associate individual table entries to Act! contacts, companies, groups, and opportunities for easy reference.



Custom Table Template Library

Leverage industry-specific templates, fully optimized to capture and manage data relevant to your unique business or industry. Get started with templates for Consulting, Event Planning, Product Inventory, Projects, Service, Software, and Support.


Start from scratch and design your own Custom Tables to manage the detailed data you’ve always wanted to capture, but just didn’t have a place for – the possibilities are limitless!



    • Tables
    • Fields
    • Layouts
    • List Views
    • Templates
    • Data Import
    • Searches




Price listed reflects one per Act! Premium user


Increase the quantity to match the number of users for your plan.

Additional users: $10 USD/user/mo (billed annually)