Act! Premium CRM: Integrated Email Marketing & Detailed Tracking
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What is Act! Premium CRM?

What is Act! Premium CRM?

A Single CRM and Email Marketing Solution:

Every business can use Customer Relationship Management Software. Act! Premium CRM keeps information centralized about the people you do business with. Act! is a proven CRM solution for over 30 years. With millions of users, it is trusted by individuals, teams, and companies to help run and grow their business. And because it is easy to customize Act! Premium CRM is for every type of business and especially for Your Business.

Act! Premium is an affordable Subscription based service that includes these items:

  • Software
  • CRM
  • Integrations
  • Email Marketing
  • Support

Benefits of Act! Premium CRM

  1. Act! Premium includes Software
    Unlike any other CRM platforms – Act! Premium gives you both Windows and Web software with the ability to Host your data on your computer or network or have it Hosted for you. Have your Act! everywhere – available from your computer, laptop, tablet, or from your mobile device with the included Act! Companion Mobile App. You’ll also get software updates containing new features and keeping you compatible with the latest version of Office and Windows 11.
  2. Act! Premium includes CRM
    Act! CRM solutions is easy to use and with its rich customer management features you’ll be able to keep track of all of that valuable information about the people you do business with. Store details for your Leads, Prospects, Customers, Partners, Vendors and their associated emails, documents, notes, activities, sales and more. And it has powerful search features to quickly find the information when you need it.
  3. Act! Premium includes Integrations
    Act! has options to integrate with your existing business tools including Office, Outlook and Google. You can unleash the power of the Act! Connect feature that uses the API to link your CRM to thousands of popular apps without having to learn how to code.
  4. Act! Premium includes Email Marketing
    Act! helps you grow your business and you’ll be able to market like a pro with the included Email Marketing. Send professional looking emails to a targeted group – directly from your database! Let people know when you have a new product, service, property, program, project, or event – then watch the results come in!
  5. Act! Premium includes Support
    You’ll have access Act! technical Support resources including training videos, an in-depth knowledgebase, or speak with their tech reps with the included phone support.

Get Started with Act! Premium CRM

Put your Sales and Marketing efforts to work to generate more business, close more sales and create loyal customers. And don’t worry about building your team or your company, Act Grows with your business and adding users is easy!

Get Act! and Get Growing

ORDERING ACT! PREMIUM IS EASY – Visit our store and order online! 

If you have questions click the CHAT button or click the link to visit our Contact Us web page.