Top 5 Advantages of Act! CRM and Email Marketing Integration
This Act! Software Import article contains instructions for importing an existing Act! database to an vertical database for your industry.
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Top 5 Advantages of Act! CRM and Email Marketing Integration

A Single CRM and Email Marketing Solution:

A good CRM platform and a robust Email Marketing system are two softwares that are essential to have for your business. Many businesses are still using these tools separately to manage their sales and marketing activities. This creates barriers between the two functions and ultimately causes a decline in customer engagement, lead development, sales opportunities and productivity. By integrating CRM and Email Marketing into one application these challenges can be overcome and benefit your business. Luckily, Act! has addressed the issue by combining CRM and Email Marketing together. 

CRM and Email Marketing Software

By combining the two functions of CRM and Email Marketing into one application Act! can help you to:

  • Have a comprehensive view of your customer relationships
  • Keep your data, interactions and lists current
  • Convert your marketing activities into sales opportunities
  • Improve teamwork between sales and marketing
  • Increase productivity and results

Benefits of CRM and Email Marketing Integration

  1. Have a comprehensive view of your customer relationships
    Right now you may keep your sales deals in one application, your marketing activities in another and shuffle between the two to “stay organized”. Act! makes customer relationship management easy by giving you the tools to keep all the important details of your clients and their associated sales and marketing efforts in one place. Your customer details, emails, notes about your accounts, attachments, campaign results, and even industry-specific data are all organized and easily searchable. No more toggling to and from different programs to access information about your contacts.
  2. Keep your data, interactions and lists current
    If you keep your CRM and email marketing in separate platforms you probably spend a good amount of time switching between the different sets of data even though they hold related information on contacts, opportunities, and activities. This is time consuming, hinders productivity and causes leads and data to be lost in the mix. With Act! your CRM and marketing tools are integrated into an all-in-one sales and marketing platform ensuring that data is current all across the system. No more shuffling between two different sets of data and having your information out of sync.
  3. Convert your marketing activities into sales opportunities
    By integrating Act! CRM with email marketing you can optimize all the ways you communicate with customers and prospects allowing you to maximize engagement and drive business growth. By converging your sales and marketing efforts you’ll be able to prioritize and follow prospects through the sales cycle alerting the proper team members to provide follow-ups and the best interactions at the right moment. Engage contacts with response-driven nurture marketing campaigns – all sent to targeted lists in your Act! automatically using criteria and triggers you define.
  4. Improve teamwork between sales and marketing
    The Act! email marketing features turns real-time response metrics into actionable items – alerting you of new prospects, prioritizing follow-ups, and delivering a complete view of customer interest in a single solution. This enhances your customer engagement by making prospects and clients feel properly nurtured and valuable. By creating a workflow and actions based on specific conditions, your sales team can modify and improve their interactions with prospects rather than waste time toggling between separate sales and marketing platforms. Your team members will be able to share, update, organize and analyze your sales and marketing efforts in Act! which will save you time and money.
  5. Increase productivity and results
    Having your sales and email marketing integrated increases accessibility and visibility- allowing your business to measure and analyze the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts. Act! gives you insight of these results with visual snapshots of real-time metrics covering sales productivity and performance, sales pipeline health, top performing products, win/loss analysis, and more with interactive, graphical dashboards so you can improve your tactics. With its convenience and affordability Act!’s all-in-one sales and marketing software allows you and your team to manage your internal processes easily compared to the burden of juggling multiple software solutions.

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